ViperNews Sale: 40% Off Block Accounts

ViperNew Valentine's Day Deal
                                                                 Here’s the pricing for the current ViperNews sale

Update: The deal has ended! We’ll try to let you know when they start another sale.

If you’ve been waiting for another ViperNews sale, now’s your chance.

The relatively new provider is running a Valentine’s Day deal which takes 40% off all of their block plans. Download all of your favorite cheesy romantic comedies… or whatever you want.

As we highlighted in our full ViperNews review, it’s an independent tier-1 service which makes for an excellent backup provider. And block accounts make the perfect backup plans, since they’re a one-time purchase that doesn’t expire.

Here’s what you can look forward to with a ViperNews block:

  • 1500 days binary retention: That’s not as much as some providers, like Newshosting or other Omicron providers, but it’s plenty for grabbing newer content.
  • Unlimited speeds: So you can (hopefully) max out that super fast internet subscription you pay so much for.
  • 40 connections: Which is a perfect amount. In fact, you might find that you get better speeds if you don’t use all of them.
  • Independent Tier-1 provider: The Usenet world is rapidly being consolidated under the Omicron banner (and a few others), so it’s good to have a truly independent backbone in your setup, even if it’s just as a backup.
  • Accounts can be shared: You can let one friend or family member (or stranger, we guess?) use your ViperNews account without penalty.
  • 99%+ completion: Don’t you hate failed downloads? That shouldn’t be a problem with ViperNews.
  • SSL encryption: To keep you safe when you’re grabbing all those NZBs.
  • Based in the Netherlands: ViperNews’ business and servers are in the Netherlands, the “Usenet capital”, which makes it a great choice for users living in Europe.

So, grab a block or two during the ViperNews sale for as little as $8.99. According to their team, the blocks can be stacked. And there’s a 7-day money-back guarantee, just in case you aren’t feelin’ it.

ViperNews Block Account Sale

April 9, 2022

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