Identity Theft Checklist (Financial Fraud Prevention)

Use this Identity Theft Checklist to Protect Yourself

To protect yourself from identity theft and financial fraud, you need to put measures in place that make life hard for identity thieves. Like the defenses of a castle, you must set up a number of layers of protection. Although using the techniques found throughout this website will maximize your protection against identity theft, pay particular attention to the measures highlighted below to prevent the biggest online risk factors for identity theft.

Use this quick and easy identity theft checklist to make sure you are protected.

✔ Use strong passphrases for all of your online accounts

✔ Always keep your operating system and anti-malware apps up-to-date

✔ Securely set up your wireless network and don’t access password protected sites on an unknown or public computer or wi-fi hotspots whether at an airport, library or Internet café

✔ Don’t click on attachments or links, or visit websites, or reply to messages that seem in any way suspicious

✔ Don’t post personal information on social media sites

✔ Delete sensitive information properly from your devices by wiping it

✔ Check your credit reports regularly


September 3, 2018

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