Newshosting Review: An Excellent Newsgroup Provider

Of the many Usenet providers out there, Newshosting shines and is superb value for money. 

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Our Newshosting review shows why we rate it the overall "Best Newsgroup Provider". It earns this award as an excellent all-round Usenet service.

There really is very little bad to say about it. It is not the cheapest service out there, but with great performance and a fantastic free Usenet browser thrown in, you certainly get what you pay for and more with Newshosting.

Newshosting Deal and Discount

Grab an unbeatable Newshosting deal with our exclusive discount on this top Usenet newsgroup provider

It's hard to go wrong with Newshosting. They’re hands down one of our favorites, providing great quality at an affordable price.

Newshosting offers three pricing plans, starting at $10.00 per month, and going up to $19.95 per month (or $15.83 if paid annually). The even cheaper Lite plan is limited to 50 GB data transfer a month, which will still be plenty for most people.

But its price gets even better when you use our exclusive discount.

Deal Alert! - For only $8.33 per month, you can get Newshosting’s annual Unlimited Plan – thanks to an exclusive discount for readers 🙂 That’s an incredible 58% off their normal prices. 

Also, unlike other Usenet newsgroup providers, Newshosting lets you roll over any unused data transfers to the next month (assuming that you renew your subscription), and so any data you pay for will hopefully never go to waste. The pricier plans have no data transfer limit, so roll overs are irrelevant for those.

Special Lifetime Discounts

The yearly plan even includes a free VPN in the price! If you opt for Newshosting’s monthly plans, you can add the VPN for only $4.99 a month.

How can We Offer this Newshosting Deal?

Because Newshosting appreciates the type of readers that visit – a sophisticated, privacy-conscious bunch.  🙂

We have even recommended Newshosting in our popular Internet privacy and security book, available on Amazon in print and Kindle.

But you better jump on that price now. Who knows when it could go up? Take the plunge today!

Take a Free Trial Run First, If You Like

For anyone who wants to try before they buy, the industry’s most generous free trial is on offer for 14 days, with a 30 GB download maximum.

Note that you must provide valid payment details before taking advantage of this offer, and you will be charged if you do not cancel before the time or download limit is reached (whichever comes first).

newshosting best usenet provider overall image

Newshosting has the industry's most generous free trial & money-back guarantee.

Newshosting Review Bottom Line

If you want to download the best content – and we know you do – you’re gonna need a reliable Usenet provider.

Simply put, no other method compares to the speed, selection, and privacy of Usenet, whether compared to torrents, streaming or something else.

And when it comes to Usenet newsgroups, few services can compare to Newshosting. In fact, we named them our Best Overall Usenet provider. That’s quite an honor.

With Newshosting, you’re getting access to over 100,000+ newsgroups, 30 to 60 connections, 99% completions, and days retention, among other things.

It also comes with its own custom-built Usenet newsreader browser for all accounts, plus a free VPN for annual subscribers.

In short, if you’re in the market for a Usenet provider, you definitely can’t go wrong with Newshosting. If you are still unsure, remember that you have 14 days to try it free.

Newshosting Review: Features Summary

Key features offered by Newshosting, the winner of our best newsgroup provider award, include:

  • over 8 years ( days) newsgroup retention and always growing
  • 100,000+ uncensored newsgroups 
  • 256-bit encryption for secure file transfers hidden from your ISP
  • free VPN with some annual plans
  • up to 30 simultaneous downloads (or up to 60 for the XL Powerpack plan)
  • 99% completion rate
  • all plans include an easy-to-use free Usenet newsreader software
  • 14-day free trial period
deal for best newsgroup provider

Free Usenet Newsreader Software App

All customers can download Newshosting’s free custom Usenet browser.

Experienced Usenet junkies probably already have a favorite third party newsreader browser, but Newshosting’s free and easy software will be a great boon to newbies.

Safer than Torrenting

Downloading content via Usenet is inherently much safer than via BitTorrent because you do not share your IP address with every other downloader of a file.

Although Usenet is much safer than torrenting and it’s not necessary to use a VPN with Usenet, doing so does provide valuable additional protection. There is no reason not to use a third party VPN, but Newshosting offers a great bundled VPN service, at a discounted price starting at $4.99 per month (or thrown in free as part of the XL Powerpack plan).

Strong Privacy Policy for Customers

For Newshosting’s privacy and logging policies, we dug into the legalese on their website for you:

“Newshosting monitors our servers to the extent necessary to ensure that high standards of maintenance are met. Newshosting does not monitor or record your activities online. We do not monitor which newsgroups you post to or download from or what you put in news articles that you post.

See Newshosting’s full Privacy Policy for more details.

It’s good news that Newshosting does NOT log your Usenet activities. Newshosting keeping no activity logs is just one of many reasons why we consider it the best newsgroup provider overall.

If you intend to post (upload) to Usenet, you really should use a VPN with Usenet to prevent your real IP address from showing up in the posts.

Good Support

An FAQ is available that does a good job of answering most common questions. If you cannot find what you are looking for, then a 24/7 ticketed email system is available.

When we sent a query the response was fast (just over an hour), and informative. We were a little surprised, however to be told off for not searching the support center for answers to our questions, especially when we went back to look again, only to find the answers were simply not there!

Newshosting: How it Works (from Sign-Up to Downloading)

Sign-up requires a valid email address. There is little stopping you from using a disposable address, but as Newshosting knows who you are through your payment method anyway, there seems little point in doing this.

Lots of Ways to Pay

Payments are made via credit/debit card or PayPal. Note that this means Newshosting will always know who you are. It is also worth noting that subscriptions auto-renew, so it is good idea to check your bank or PayPal account after you have cancelled a subscription to ensure that no addition payments are made.

Top Tip – If you want to sign-up for “anonymous Usenet”, choose from only a handful of newsgroup providers that accept Bitcoin payments, including NewsDemonXLNed or PureUsenet.

Upon payment you are sent to a confirmation webpage showing your account details and download links. You will also receive a confirmation email, but this does not contain your password (for good security reasons). It is therefore important to make a note or grab a screenshot of your password from the confirmation webpage.

Settings are provided for configuring third party Usenet software (see below), but we recommend simply downloading Newshosting’s free custom Usenet browser as it comes pre-configured with all of the settings you'll need.

Newshosting Usenet Servers & Ports

If you choose to skip Newshosting's free Usenet browser and want to use a third-party newsreader client, use the settings below. Newshosting's website also has some great Usenet tutorials as well as setup guides for the most popular newsreaders.

General settings (perfectly fine for most people):

Port: 119
Additional NNTP Ports: 23, 25, 80, 3128
SSL Ports: 563, 443​

Specific news server locations (use the NNTP and SSL ports above whatever server you choose):

Some users get better connectivity using IPv6 so those server addresses are also provided for you to try. ​

Geographic auto-select hostnames:

United States hostnames:

Europe hostnames:

Netherlands hostnames:

Germany hostnames:

The Newshosting Usenet Browser

Newshosting's Free usenet Browser

The free Usenet browser is a great piece of software, and does everything you might want from a Usenet browser, including full Newsgroup search, NZB support, auto-shutdown, and a download speed graph display.

A SafeSearch option is also available for those wishing to avoid facing the copious amounts of porn on Usenet. Note that this only filters newsgroups that are explicitly marked as having adult content, so although it will help, it won’t filter everything.

And just in case you were wondering, Newshosting’s browser cannot be configured for another Usenet service. 

If you prefer to use a different newsreader, that's no problem of course.

Newshosting Review: Conclusion

Newshosting provides an excellent Usenet service, especially if you go for the Unlimited Plan discount exclusively for Cogipas readers.

Whether the extra features available through the XL Powerpack plan are worth the extra cost is debatable, but it’s hard to disagree that Newshosting subscriptions are excellent value for money.

Of particular note is the outstanding free Usenet browser. As long as you stick with Newshosting, you may well never want another Usenet program.

Newshosting appears to be at the top of the Usenet game, and confirmed in this detailed review. Newshosting rightfully deserves the title of Best Usenet Newsgroup Provider!

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