NZBforyou Review

NZBforyou is a smaller indexer, in more ways than one. But they’re free and easy to sign up for, so you may be wondering whether they’re worth checking out.

Read our NZBforyou review to find out.

NZBforyou Review: Pricing & Memberships

So, let’s talk pricing. Now, NZBforyou does have a free plan, but it only allows 2 NZB downloads per day. That may be enough for light downloaders, but other users want more. And that requires upgrading to a VIP membership.

  • 1 year - $15
  • 2 years - $28
  • Lifetime - $60 

Also, keep in mind that NZBforyou’s payment processor only accepts credit card payments.

How to Register for NZBforyou

NZBforyou has open and free registration, and it’s quite easy to do.

Note: We had to turn off our VPN when signing up, since we were blocked for using a “proxy”. But once we had an account, we were able to browse and download with the VPN on.

1. Hit Register on the home page and register again.

2. Agree to the terms.

3. Enter your username, password, and other info.

4. Check your email to activate your account.

As you’ll be warned, accounts with 0 posts can’t download and will be deleted within 7 days. To avoid this, simply post a message in the introduction forum.

NZBforyou Review: Top Features

  • Request System

While NZBforyou doesn’t have as many NZBs as top indexers, you can take advantage of their request system if you’re looking for a specific file.

  • Free plan
  • Open registration
  • Active forum and chat box where you can ask questions, talk with other users, etc.

NZBforyouReview: Disadvantages

  • No API
  • Limited number of files 
  • Forum-style layout (not the easiest for finding and downloading files)
  • No Bitcoin/crypto donation option

NZBforyou Alternatives

If you’re looking for a more full-featured NZB indexer, with huge libraries of files and APIs, you can check out:

NZBGeek is a paid site but very affordable. It’s a favorite among the Usenet community. And while DrunkenSlug doesn’t have open registration, if you can get a membership during their yearly sign up events (or via an invite), they offer a free and paid plans.

Or check out our post on the Best NZB Sites for more options.

NZBforyou Review: Recap

Between their small number of files, lack of API, and other shortcomings, we don’t think NZBforyou is particularly worth the price. To put it simply, they have less to offer than an indexer like NZBGeek, and charge the same amount of money.

That being said, their open registration and free plan means you can try them for yourself and see what you think.

February 12, 2024

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