qBittorrent vs. uTorrent: Which Torrent Client is Better?

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When you’re looking for a Bittorrent client to use, two names are sure to pop up: qBittorrent and uTorrent.

The latter, uTorrent, is by far the most popular client on the web, with over half of all users. But qBittorrent is considered one of the best alternatives and has a loyal fan base of its own.

So, which one is better? Let’s find out in this detailed qBittorrent vs. uTorrent comparison.

qBittorrent vs. uTorrent: Which One is Easier to Use?

Before you use any software, you have to install it. So we’ll start our comparison there, with installation.

Now, while both clients are relatively easy to install, there is one difference that stands out – and that’s uTorrent’s tendency to try to sneak a bunch of bloatware onto your computer. This can be avoided, of course, but it’s not even something you have to worry about with qBittorrent.

Once you have the clients both installed, they function pretty similarly, and they’re pretty straightforward and easy to use. But again, there is one main difference – and that’s uTorrent’s ads, which you won’t find on qBittorrent.

To learn how to install uTorrent without bloatware and how to remove ads, check our uTorrent review.

qBittorrent vs. uTorrent: Which One Has More Features?

qBittorrent and uTorrent both offer most of the same features, including RSS feed support, bandwidth scheduling, and the ability to create torrents.

However, while you can remotely manage torrents with both, uTorrent’s mobile and web apps make it slightly more convenient. On the other hand, qBittorrent allows plugins, which means you can add other features that you might want, like built-in search.

qBittorrent vs. uTorrent: Which One is Faster?

In our testing, qBittorrent actually downloaded and uploaded torrents a bit faster than uTorrent. Of course, speeds will vary depending on the file, but we used the same files for the sake of our testing.

So, if you want the absolute fastest torrent downloads, qBittorrent is worth a look.

qBittorrent vs. uTorrent: Which One is More Secure?

So, let’s talk security. The big thing to note in our comparison is that qBittorrent is “open source”, while uTorrent is not.

That means that anyone can go into qBittorrent’s code and check for security vulnerabilities, back doors, or anything else that could cause problems. With uTorrent, this isn’t possible. Only the developers themselves know what’s in the code.

Of course, this doesn’t mean that uTorrent is inherently unsecure, it just makes it harder to verify. And in fact, they had a case in 2015 where they were secretly installing cryptocurrency miners on people’s computers and utilizing their resources. Not cool.

Note: Neither software is safe to torrent with unprotected. No torrent client is. That’s why it’s important to always use a secure torrenting VPN with them.

Advantages of qBittorrent

  • Free, no ads
  • Open source
  • Fast, lightweight

Advantages of uTorrent

  • Popular (easier to get community support)
  • Mobile and web apps
  • Easy to use and customize

Which Torrent Client Should You Use?

So, now that we’ve compared qBittorrent and uTorrent’s features, speeds, safety, and ease of use, we come to the question: which torrent client should you use?

In our humble opinion, there isn’t anything wrong with using uTorrent for normal torrenting. It’s a time-tested software that will do pretty much anything you need it to. The mobile and web apps also make it convenient for using on the go.

That being said, qBittorrent is our pick for the best overall torrent client. It’s free, it’s fast, and you won’t be bothered by any pesky ads. And being open source, it's inherently more trustworthy and secure. 

Which one is your favorite: qBittorrent or uTorrent? Let us know in the comments!

January 1, 2022

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