Review: SpyOffVPN for Torrenting

Curious about using SpyOf VPN for torrenting? Here's our review. 

SpyOff Torrent VPN Review: Bottom Line

SpyOFF VPN’s torrenting policies, great connection speeds and generous free trial make it an interesting option for torrent users. But they don’t accept Bitcoin and don’t have as high a total number of servers & countries as some other torrent VPN providers.

SpyOFF has a great 15-day FREE trial with no strings. You can cancel the subscription at any time during the trial period.

A Better Alternative to SpyOff VPN

While SpyOff VPN is OK, we can't recommend it. Afterall, even TrustPilot gives it only 3 out of 5 stars ("poor"). You are much better off going for NordVPN. It's only $3.49/month, fully supports safe torrenting and comes with a full 30-day money-back guarantee

SpyOff Torrent VPN Review: The Positives

    • No log files, meaning your download history is safe
    • High speed connection, allowing for quick torrent downloads and Popcorn streaming
    • No data transfer limitations on any plans
    • Free 15-day, no-charge trial allows you to safely try before your buy
    • Access to all servers and allows unlimited server changes
    • Reliable performance across the board
    • Good, fast client and UI that lets you choose between ‘ultra secure’, ‘balanced’, or ‘highspeed’ options
    • Built-in Killswitch and DNS Leak Protection to keep your data protected
    • Expressly supports torrenting, which is great news for heavy users
    • Based in San Marino, a more privacy- and torrent-friendly jurisdiction than the USA

SpyOff Torrent Review: The Negatives

  • Number of countries (21) and servers (335) is lower than some VPNs
  • With prices of €6,99 to €10,99 per month it is not the cheapest VPN
  • Accepts credit card payments only. No Bitcoin or even PayPal which limits paying anonymously
  • Website isn’t as informative as it could be. Once you dig, SpyOFF has a lot more to offer than is featured on its website.

SpyOff Torrent Review: Other Good to Know Info

  • Offers support in German, as well as in English
  • Based in San Marino, a small country in Europe

SpyOff Torrent Review Coupons

There aren’t any SpyOFF coupons floating around at the moment, but if we find any, you’ll be the first to know! Make sure to check back regularly to see any updates.

But remember it has a full 15-day free trial which you can cancel at any time during the trial period without further obligation.

Other SpyOff Torrent Reviews

Unfortunately, a lot of the VPN reviews out there don’t tell the whole story. They’re biased and written by sites just trying to make money.

To prove that we’re impartial, we’re even willing to recommend some other SpyOFF reviews. We consider these to be fair, reliable, and trustworthy.

  • TrustPilot only gives SpyOFF VPN a rating of 3 of 5 stars (“Average”)
  • BestVPN rates SpyOFF VPN 6.2 out of 10 rating

SpyOff Torrent VPN Alternatives

Some VPNs to consider as alternatives to SpyOFF VPN include:

  • Private Internet Access – Very low, affordable prices, huge number of servers and countries to choose from and very torrent-friendly, but based in the USA
  • NordVPN – Awesome privacy features and an all-around good VPN

SpyOff Torrent Review Wrap-Up

Hopefully this review has given you enough information to make a decision in your search for the perfect VPN for your needs.

If you want to learn more about SpyOFF VPN, you can find it at their site

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