VPNhub Review: Is it Any Good?

VPNhub is a new VPN with a lot of resources behind it, so it may be one to watch. But some questions remain before we can recommend it.  

VPNHub homepage screenshot

VPNhub is the new VPN brand from PornHub.

VPNhub is the recently launched VPN brand from the folks at PornHub (NSFW).

You'd be reasonable to think that this new VPN is targeting people who want to protect their privacy while watching porn online, and you'd be right.  PornHub is massive and if they are able to sign up even just a fraction of their customer base, that would be a load of customers (and extra monthly revenue for PornHub).

To entice people, they have a no obligation 7-day free trial offer.

But there's more to VPNhub than just porn privacy protection. Dig a little deeper and you'll find that VPNhub may have broader appeal too. For example, they make torrenting protection a big focus of the benefits offered by VPNhub.

But how does it compare to other top VPNs, like NordVPN or Private Internet Access?

Read our VPNhub review to find out more. 

VPNhub Review: Top Features

VPNhub touts the following benefits of its VPN service:

Privacy Protection: Using VPNhub will allow you to hide your IP address, as well as hide your location, in order to avoid online trackers. This is especially important in the wake of the most recent Facebook scandals, which showed everyone how widespread online tracking is.

Bypass Site Blocking & Access Geo-Blocked Content: Using VPNhub will allow you to continue accessing a free and open Internet, without someone else dictating what you can access. There is a need to counter geo-blocking as every day, it seems that more web sites are being blocked and censored around the world.

Public Wi-Fi Security: Using VPNhub will encrypt your traffic, making it impossible to intercept and monitor. Without  VPN, you are vulnerable anytime you use a public Wi-Fi hotspot and it's too easy for hackers to intercept your private data.

Mobile Compression: As VPNhub compresses all the data it handles for you, you will automatically save money on your monthly mobile data costs.

Torrent Safety: Using VPNhub will protect your IP address from being exposed while downloading and sharing torrents or using P2P services. By hiding your IP address with VPNhub, you'll avoid a number of threats.

That's a decent pitch and in line with what most VPN services will have to say about using their service.

And that's the key question in our minds: why would you use VPNhub over other services?

  • Is VPNhub cheaper? No. 
  • Is VPNhub faster? No. 
  • Is VPNhub more private or more secure? No. 
  • Does VPNhub have a better or longer money-back guarantee? No. 
  • Does it have any advantages over the best VPN services such as NordVPN or ExpressVPN? Not that we can see.

Plus, there is another question mark (or even dark cloud) hanging over VPNhub ... 

VPNhub and StackPath 

One of the most trusted voices in the VPN industry, GoldenFrog, had this to say about VPNhub:

Based on VPN server IP addresses and striking similarities to the StrongVPN application, StackPath appears to provide wholesale VPN services to the recently launched VPNhub.

In other words, it looks like StackPath may be the behind-the-scenes provider for VPNhub.

StackPath owns IPVanish outright and is thought to also provide wholesale VPN services to Encrypt.me (formerly Cloak), StrongVPN and the bundled VPN services used for Usenet providers Newshosting, Easynews, and Usenetserver.

In the industry, this is called white labeling. 

It works the same way in other industries too. For example, it's also called white labeling when Heinz ketchup produces generic supermarket ketchup brands in addition to its own.

GoldenFrog concludes its analysis with these important thoughts:

"Big companies acquiring VPN Brands is another big trend we are seeing in the VPN space. From StackPath to Facebook to AVG, companies whose core business is not user privacy buy VPN brands and raise questions about how they will protect their users’ private data. These rolled-up VPN brands do not acknowledge their true owners, because presumably doing so could damage their credibility. The VPN community should demand more transparency from StackPath, because VPN users should know who really controls their privacy."

VPNhub Review Wrap-Up

Should you jump on the VPNhub band wagon?

Not just yet.

Unless you have a special reason to sign up for VPNhub - maybe you got a good offer as a long-standing PornHub customer? - we would hold off.  But even that raises privacy concerns. Do you really want such a clear connection between your most intimate online habits and your VPN provider. Best to keep these things separate and apart from one another. 

We think it's better to stick with a tried and trusted VPN service. Your online privacy is not something you should fool around with.