VyprVPN: Confirmed as a No Logs VPN Service

With its change to a truly no logging VPN service, verified by a public audit, VyprVPN joins the ranks of the truly great VPNs available today. 

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VyprVPN: the world's first publicly audited no logs VPN.

VyprVPN has always been a powerful VPN, with some great features and a transparent, privacy-oriented team. For instance, VyprVPN is the only VPN service that uses all first-party software and servers.

But there was one thing that was holding them back – and that was their logging policy. The service kept minimal logs of user activity, which they insisted was necessary for providing full VPN functionality.

While VyprVPN earned kudos for their honesty in disclosing their logging practices – unlike VPNs that claim they don’t log when they really do – it was still a privacy issue.

As we’ve pointed out again and again, you can’t be truly protected online unless you use a no-logs VPN.

VyprVPN Proves Its Switch to No Logging with Independent Audit

Fortunately, VyprVPN has shown its commitment to privacy by transitioning from their previous practice of minimal logging to a policy of no logging. But unlike most VPNs, they don’t expect you to take their word for it.

In the past, the logs kept by VyprVPN included:

  • User’s IP address
  • Connection start and end times
  • Amount of data used

...and were stored for only 30 days.

image: independently audited as a no logs VPN

VyprVPN: a verified no logs VPN!

VyprVPN hired an independent firm, Leviathan Security, to audit their services and confirm their new no-logging claims.

And they passed! 

Not only does this verify that VyprVPN is now a no-logs VPN, it also makes them the first publicly audited no-logs VPN ever.

Let’s see if this pushes other top VPNs to follow suit with audits of their own. That would definitely be good news for privacy seekers.

Is VyprVPN Worth Using?

Combined with their new no-logs policy, VyprVPN’s great features, like their “Chameleon” stealth VPN technology, makes them a compelling pick for a top VPN.

They also offer a 3-day free trial, so you can try before you buy. After your trial expires, you'll then enjoy Cogipas' discount which makes VyprVPN more affordable than you can get anywhere else. Read our full VyprVPN Review for all the details.

Comes with a 3-day risk-free trial period. 

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