Best Cheap Usenet Provider

Usenet doesn’t have to be expensive. Here are the 5 best cheap Usenet providers on the market today. 

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Which is the best cheap Usenet provider? We help you decipher the options. 

So, you need a new Usenet provider, but your budget is a little tight. Not a problem.

Because while you’re not going to get the absolute best service and premium features for a barebones price, there are still some very solid providers that charge low prices.

But how do you separate the great deals from the substandard options? We’re here to help.

Here are our top 5 picks for the best cheap Usenet provider:

  1. NewsDemon
  2. XSNews
  3. Pure Usenet
  4. Frugal Usenet
  5. Usenet.Farm

#1 Cheap Usenet Provider (USA): NewsDemon

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Is NewsDemon any good?

Price: $5 to $10 per month

Strengths: US and EU servers, free VPN, Good retention, unlimited speeds, lots of connections, Monthly and block accounts, Bitcoin payments

Weaknesses: Most expensive of the cheap Usenet providers, data limits on some plans, some support issues

A great, budget-friendly Usenet option is NewsDemon, where monthly plans range from $5 to $10 per month. Then there’s the block plans, starting at the very low $4 for 10GB and extending all the way to $89 for 1000GBs (0.89 per GB).

And there are plenty of things to like other than the price. That includes servers in both the US and EU as well as their high retention at 3138+ days. They also offer up to 50 connections. And NewsDemon also provides all users with a free VPN account at SlickVPN.

Unfortunately, they have usage restrictions on most of their plans, and their unlimited usage plan is the most expensive on our list, at $10. Also, in our research, we found that some users had occasional problems with support, including having their accounts closed without warning.

#2 Cheap Usenet Provider (Europe): XSNews

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Grab an XSNews coupon for a great Usenet deal

Price: €4.45 to €8.20per month ($4.87 to $6.97)

Strengths: Monthly and block accounts, unlimited usage, unlimited speeds available, based in Europe, Bitcoin payments

Weaknesses: Limited retention period, lack of American or non-European servers

Next is Netherlands-based option XSNews, which offers monthly plans from €4.45 to €8.20. And they have block accounts too, starting at €9.95 for 20GBs (.50 per GB) and running to €124.95 for 1000GBs (.125 per GB).

Top TipBlock accounts can be a very good budget option if you won’t be downloading from Usenet newsgroups month in and month out

We’re big fans of XSNews, especially the fact that they provide unlimited data usage on all plans, unlimited speeds on their block and Elite monthly accounts, plus up to 30 connections.

Unfortunately, you may not be able to max out download speeds if you’re outside of Europe, due to their lack of non-European servers. And like many Dutch providers, their retention period is less than impressive, at 1100 days.

But that doesn’t stop them from being a great provider for European users. In fact, they may just be the best cheap Usenet. And if you act now, Cogipas users can get 30% off of their subscription by entering coupon code COGIPAS at checkout.

#3 Cheap Newsgroups: Pure Usenet

Price: €1.83 to €6.63 per month ($2 to $7.25)

Strengths: Unlimited usage, unlimited speeds available, based in Europe, Bitcoin payments

Weaknesses: Number of connections, limited retention period

Pure Usenet is another Netherlands-based provider, with plans ranging from €1,83 to €6,63, making them a great option for budget-minded users based in Europe.

But don’t let the price fool you. All plans include unlimited usage, so you’re getting lots of bang for your buck. Even better, their most expensive (but still cheap) plan offers unlimited speeds. It’s a steal at just €6,63. You can even pay in Bitcoin!

Of course, just like any budget Usenet service, it’s not perfect. In Pure Usenet’s case, they come up short on connections and retention, maxing out at 12 connections and 1100 days retention. And that lack of connections can make it difficult to fully take advantage of the unlimited speed of the XXL plan.

#4 Cheap Usenet Provider (USA & Europe): Frugal Usenet

Price: $5 or less per month or $50 per year

Strengths: Unlimited usage, lots of connections, US and EU servers, Bitcoin payments

Weaknesses: Limited retention period

Feeling frugal? Frugal Usenet may be the choice for you. They offer accounts for just $5 per month or $50 per year (which comes to a little over $4 per month).

What do you get for that rock-bottom price? Well, you have unlimited usage, access to servers in both the US and Europe, and up to 50 connections.

On the downside, Frugal Usenet’s retention is just as low as their price, at only 600 days. That means you’ll only have access to fairly recent content. But hey, at $5 or less per month, we can’t complain too much.

#5 Cheap Usenet Access (USA & Europe): Usenet.Farm

Price: €4.95 to €7.95 per month ($5.41 to $8.69)

Strengths: Unlimited speeds available, US and EU servers, account sharing permitted, lots of connections, monthly and block accounts, Bitcoin payments

Weaknesses: Limited retention period, limited usage

The next entry on our list is, which offers two monthly plans, at €4.95 and €7.95. They also have a €15 block plan that includes 500GB, which is an incredible deal at 0.03 per GB! Pricelist

What do we like about For starters, both their “To the Max” monthly plan and block accounts offer a unique feature called account sharing, which allows one or more friends to share your usage and connections without paying extra.

We also like that they have servers in the US and EU (though they’re based in Europe), 40 to 50 connections, and unlimited speeds.

What we’re not so fond of is their limited retention, at just 900 to 1100 days. also imposes “fair use” limits, which lower your speeds to just 8Mbits/s once you exceed 2 to 3TBs for the month. Though, to be fair, only the heaviest of Usenet users would ever surpass that pretty generous limit.

Choosing the Best Cheap Usenet Provider

There you have it, the best of the cheap Usenet providers. Whether you’re an American user gettin’ evil with NewsDemon or frugal with Frugal Usenet or a European user saving big with XSNews, there’s something here to meet your needs and your budget.

Of course, if these still aren’t enough, you can get a little more by spending a little more. Check out our absolute favorite Usenet providers. They’re slightly more expensive, but well worth it! And Cogipas readers are even eligible for some awesome discounts.

January 20, 2019

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