How to Find Movies on Usenet (Newsgroups vs NZB)

These are the best newsgroups with movies but there is a better way to find movies on Usenet. 

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Here are the best ways to find movies on Usenet.

You’ve been digging through newsgroups and scouring Usenet search engines for hours but can’t seem to find the Usenet movies you’re looking for. Not to worry. We're going to give you a crash course on how to find movies on Usenet. 

Because the good news is, it’s now easier than ever to get the best movies on Usenet.

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These Are the Best Newsgroups for Movies

Here are some of the top newsgroups for finding movies.

  • alt.binaries.boneless (read its Wiki)
  • alt.binaries.moovee
  • alt.binaries.divx
  • alt.binaries.multimedia.vintage-film

However, while searching through individual newsgroups may come in handy on occasion, it’s no longer necessary. These days, there’s a much easier way to search and find movies Usenet.

Best Way to Find Movies on Usenet: NZB Indexers

NZB indexers have really streamlined the process of searching through Usenet.

Rather than manually digging through endless newsgroup searches and countless files, you can simply type the movie you’re looking for into the indexer’s search engine – and it’ll quickly show you any matching NZB movie results.

You can also use the indexer to browse the most recent releases, most popular content, or to sort movies by their quality. In short, these NZB sites work very similar to torrent sites/trackers.

And not only are Usenet indexers easier to use, they give you access to more content, since they’re able to search through obfuscated files too. When viewed from a newsreader, these obfuscated files will often have a title that’s just a random string of letters and numbers. But the indexer will display their actual names, so you know exactly what you’re downloading. 

There’s only one downside. The best indexers usually require a membership fee – but it’s typically only a couple dollars per month.

Best NZB Indexers for Usenet Movies

Here are some of the best NZB sites for Usenet movies:

Screenshot from NZBGeek.

Most NZB Indexers have a Movie category.

You can also check out our comprehensive database of NZB indexers to compare and choose from more than 75 NZB search engines. 

Final Thoughts

Whether you're old school and subscribe to the Usenet movie newsgroups above or have joined the age of NZB search, Usenet can be a great source for movies.

You can even take the final leap and automatically download movies from Usenet using the combination of a good Usenet provider, an NZB indexer (such as those above) and an NZB downloader

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