Internet Privacy Year in Review 2015

Top News Stories in 2015 about Online Privacy This year has in general been marked by a steady erosion of privacy due to government surveillance, and by increased efforts from copyright holders to stamp out piracy. However, in a surprising turn of events, it seems that the United Sates is now set to go against […]

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Snowden Leaks: a Summary of the NSA Programs

In Brief: Revelations of the Wide-scale Spying on Citizens Revealed by Edward Snowden By now, everyone has heard of Edward Snowden, former computer security consultant for the CIA and the NSA, and now described as anything from a hero to a traitor. His story made a great impact starting in 2013, when he disclosed a […]

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Online Safety for Kids

Your Guide to Keeping Children Safe Online For children the Internet is a wonderful, expansive place. However, parents know that their children can be harassed, bullied, groomed, stalked or targeted by savvy marketers. Parents also know their kids can come across inappropriate materials such as websites or apps with themes of a pornographic, racist, violent, […]

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What Not to Post on Facebook

The Information You Should Never Share or Post on Social Media Social media sites (sometimes called social networks) are a great way to get back in touch with people and to make new friends – whether old buddies from high school or the neighbor down the street. Everyone seems to have at least one social […]

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Lessons Learned from the Ashley Madison, er, Affair

So, what are the takeaways from the Ashley Madison hack? These tips are not to encourage adultery as they apply to any sensitive online accounts or sign-ups you’d like to keep private for whatever reason. For example, maybe you don’t want anyone ever finding out about your subscription to a chocolate chip cookie recipe website. […]

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Newzbot alternatives and sites like Newzbot.  Newzbot used to maintain a list of open servers ranked (and sortable by) the number of newsgroups carried, server speed, message count and the length of time it had been open to the public. It also used to allow you to search for a particular newsgroup. Unfortunately, no more. […]

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