How Many NZB Indexers Do You Need?

How Many NZB Indexers Do You Need

NZB search or NZB indexers can make finding and downloading files on Usenet super easy. Just type in your query, find the one you want, and grab the NZB. Even better if you’re automated!

But how many NZB indexers do you need? Is one enough – or not? Keep reading to find out.

What is an NZB Indexer or NZB Site?

If you’re familiar with torrenting, you can think of an NZB indexer as being kind of like a torrenting site. It collects files from around the web and directs you where to download them from, but it doesn’t actually host the files themselves.

Instead, you’ll use a Usenet provider and NZB downloader to grab the file.

Do You Need More Than One NZB Indexer?

While the top indexers have a lot of the same content, they do differ in many ways. For instance, some will have better quality movie rips or more old/classic content or more TV shows.

So, if you want specific types of content – or are just a heavy downloader – you’ll probably need multiple indexers.

That being said, you don’t need more than one just to use Usenet. A single good NZB indexer, like NZBGeek or DrunkenSlug, will probably get you 90%+ of the stuff the average person wants. And you can always use torrents for the other media you can’t find, like older movies/series.

But for closer to 100% Usenet coverage, you will want multiple indexers.

How many? Well, that depends on your personal preferences and budget. Some users might have a paid subscription to an NZB site, like NZBGeek, then keep a couple free accounts, like NZBFinder, as backups.

Others might shell out $50 to 100 per year maintaining 5+ paid site subscriptions. It’s really up to you.

But since many NZB sites allow you to sign up for an account before paying, you can use that opportunity to see if the site’s collection fills any of the gaps in your current setup.

Which NZB Indexers Should You Use?

Our quick picks for top 5 NZB indexers would be something like:

However, both Drunkenslug and DogNZB do have limited registration, which is only open a few times a year. You can check for updates on Reddit’s r/Usenet.

Or if you want more a detailed breakdown, you can check out our

How Many NZB Indexers Do You Need? Wrap-Up

Hopefully, by now, you’ve got a better idea of how many NZB indexers you need. But it’ll take a little self-examination and experimentation to find your personal sweet spot. One indexer is plenty for some people, but others users might want a half dozen.

Which NZB sites do you use? Let us know in the comments!

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