Internet Porn Privacy: How to Protect Yourself

How to Browse Erotic Web Sites Privately and Even Anonymously.

The tools and resources below will help you enjoy online erotica – whether in the form of words, images, audio or video – in complete privacy.

Leave Behind No Traces in the First Place

The most basic thing you can do to protect your privacy is to browse sexy websites in your web browser’s private mode.

incognito to browse online porn in private image

This is easy to do and will temporarily disable your web browsing and searching history. Private mode will also temporarily disable your cookies (which also indirectly leave traces behind of the web sites you visit).

Top Tip - Do some privacy checks on your computer and devices to see just how much information is left behind on them.

Most web browser lets you launch a new private window or new tab easily. You can also use web browsers, such as Epic browser, that are especially tailored for erotica fans and that never leave traces behind.

While a privacy clearing app cleans up after your erotica viewing sessions, your web browser’s private mode (or Incognito mode) prevents the traces from appearing in the first place.

Internet Porn Privacy: Stopping Online Snoops

To enjoy erotica websites without worrying about your activities being tracked or monitored, you can use a reliable VPN, web proxy or Tor. Although all 3 options have their place, we recommend using a VPN.

Web proxies are free, but their quality and reliability vary considerably. Plus, web proxies come with risks such as malware being injected into your Internet traffic and other tricks that arise from placing an unknown intermediary (the web proxy) into your browsing sessions. See Proxy Services Are Not Safe (via Wired).

Tor is highly recommended in some cases, is free and is a good option for safer browsing of erotica web sites. Advanced users can take advantage of Tor browser bundle to access invisible .onion “dark net” websites.

However, Tor will slow you down and is not appropriate at all for torrent file-sharing or Usenet newsgroups.

Using a VPN (virtual private network) is not free, but remains our strong recommendation. For as little as $3 per month you can sign up for a reliable, fast and secure VPN service. All of our recommended VPN providers are committed to customer privacy.

Benefits and Protections Offered by a VPN for Internet Porn Privacy

Using a VPN for enjoying online erotica has a number of key benefits:

  • keeping your nosy ISP and third parties from seeing or monitoring your activities
  • preventing the erotica (and other) websites you visit from tracking your activities. Using a VPN prevents your erotica- and porn-related activities from being tracked by third party cookies and other tracking elements. This in turn protects against these deeply private activities being added to invisible profiles about you and hurting you in ways you may never find out about.
  • overcoming geographic restrictions and censorship, and getting access to materials (including streaming adult movies and TV) that are not accessible from the location where you live
  • protecting against malware and drive-by hacking attacks to some extent. Sometimes hackers specifically direct such attacks at people that visit erotica websites or download porn because, as mentioned earlier, they know that such victims will be less likely to complain and draw attention to their erotica activities.
  • As an added bonus, because a good VPN will securely tunnel all of your Internet connections, you can also use a VPN to shield all of your online erotica activities, whether browsing erotica websites, sharing erotic torrents or downloading from erotica Usenet newsgroups

Top Tip – Did you know that you can download dozens of erotic videos or images at a time from websites using special website copier apps? Some even let you “grab” hard-to-download embedded and streaming erotic videos like the ones you find on erotic “Tube” sites.

Use Anonymous Email Too

On a final note regarding erotica on the web, make sure not to use your primary personal e-mail account for any porn activities, including any sign-ups or subscriptions.

Set up and use an “anonymous” e-mail account for any erotica related activities. For your “anonymous” e-mail account, consider using a reputable secure e-mail account provider or use a temporary disposable email address.

If you wish to sign up for any premium adult websites (for a fee) consider using anonymous payment methods so they will not have any of your personal details on file.

Top Tip - One of the best sources of Internet erotica (photos and information), especially for women, can be found at Volet Blue's Tiny Nibbles website (NSFW - not safe for work).

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April 12, 2021

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