DogNZB Review: Is it the Top Dog of Indexers?

Among Usenet indexers, DogNZB has a good reputation. But it can be hard to join or get an invite. 

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Is DogNZB the "top dog" of Usenet indexers? Let's take a look. 

DogNZB came online back in 2013, and since then it’s established itself as one of the top Usenet indexers in the business. In fact, DogNZB is now so popular that they’ve closed registration, moving to an invite-only model instead.

So, why the fuss about DogNZB? And does it live up to the hype? Read our DogNZB review to find out.

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DogNZB Review: Pricing

After raising their prices a couple years back, DogNZB is one of the more expensive indexers on the market, and there are two different payment options.

  • One Year - $20
  • Two Years - $50

These both allow for unlimited NZB downloads and APIs. There’s also a free 10-day trial for new members, provided you’re able to register.

To sign up, you’ll need to pay by credit card or Bitcoin. PayPal is not accepted by DogNZB.

Screenshot from DOGnzb

DOGnzb has a nice, well organized user interface.

DogNZB Review: How to Register on DogNZB?

DogNZB is an invite-only indexer, but they do offer open registration at a few random times during the year. So, keep an eye out for that.

The best place to monitor for dognzb invites is or

In the meantime, you can try hanging out in their IRC chat or checking forums for invites. Members get an invite to hand out every 6 months. 

If none of that is working, there are other top Usenet indexers you can check out that have open registration.

Screenshot from DOGnzb

Remember, DOGnzb is an indexer of NZBs, not a Usenet provider hosting files (zoom in). 

DogNZB Review: Top Features

Here are some things we like about DogNZB: 

Good File Organization 

DogNZB does a good job at giving information on each file, like how long ago it was uploaded and its size, and even links you to a movie’s IMDB page to find out more about it. 

Strong Search Algorithm

When doing a search for “Bach” on both DogNZB and NZBgeek (another indexer), Dog gave us a bunch of results related to Bach. Geek gave us episodes of The Bachelor.

Keep in mind that both sites had both types of content, Dog’s search engine just works better

Screenshot of DOGnzb search

We really like DOGnzb's search functions.

Bookmark and Watchlist Functionality

DogNZB allows you to easily bookmark files that you’re interested in grabbing later, as well as add files to your watchlist that you’d like to download automatically when they become available. 

Screenshot of DOGnzb's Movies menu item

DOGnzb's Movie categories.

Screenshot of DOGnzb's TV menu item

DOGnzb's TV categories.

And More ... 

  • No ads
  • Bitcoin payments available (to help stay anonymous)
  • 3,000+ days retention
  • 400+ groups indexed
  • API Integrations for easy Usenet automation with NZBGet, SABnzbd, Sonarr, etc.
  • Active forum
  • 99%+ up-time
  • IRC Channel
  • Custom RSS Search
  • Push notifications to desktop and mobile
  • Can sync with IMDB to grab movies you want to watch before takedowns kick in
Screenshot from DOGnzb

There are no ads on DOGnzb.

Screenshot of DOGnzb retention

DOGnzb's retention policy.

Screenshot of DOGnzb's Bitcoin terms

DOGnzb accepts Bitcoin.

Screenshot of DOGnzb's user forums

DOGnzb has an active user forum.

DogNZB Review: What Kind of Content is DogNZB Best For?

We compared DogNZB with two of its competitors, NZBgeek and NZBPlanet, on various kinds of content. Each has their advantages and disadvantages, and in general, DogNZB fared quite well.

However, they really stood out for their foreign movie collection, which was better than NZBPlanet and much better than NZBgeek.

On the other hand, DogNZB has fewer ebooks than the other two, and it’s the only one of the three that doesn’t have a dedicated erotica or “XXX” section. There is still some adult content in their index, but it’s clearly not a focus.

Did DogNZB Cancel Lifetime Subscriptions?

Yes, unfortunately, they did. And the folks who had already paid for lifetime subscriptions are still sour about it, since Dog didn't reimburse them for their payments. Not the most honest or straightforward business practice, if you ask us. 

DogNZB Review Conclusion: Is it the Best Usenet Indexer?

Now that we’ve looked at DogNZB’s pricing, features, and content, let’s sum it up.

DogNZB has a very good UI, which works well and provides valuable features. It points to great content across the board, with a few strengths and weaknesses. But it’s not the cheapest indexer – and registering requires a little patience.

So, would we recommend it? For the most part, yes. While not perfect, DogNZB is easily one of the best indexers around, though they're not quite as reliable as some of the other top "dogs" (get it?). But we definitely suggest trying it out if you can get an invite (or wait until the next open registration period).

If you combine DogNZB with a good Usenet provider (see our suggestions below), you'll be all set. Happy downloading! 







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March 23, 2023

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