Review of NZBgeek Usenet Indexer

NZBgeek is a leading Usenet indexer but is its membership fee worth it compared to the alternatives? 

Screenshot of NZBgeek's login screen

Read our full review of NZBgeek Usenet indexer.

NZBgeek has a history dating back to 2012. And during that time, they’ve established themselves as one of the more respected Usenet indexers on the market, with a large and loyal userbase.

But are they worth checking out? Or should you pick another indexer instead? Let’s take a look.

NZBgeek Price & Memberships

NZBgeek’s plans are very affordable, and they give you a few different options to choose from, including an NZBgeek lifetime membership. 

  • 6 months - $6 
  • 12 months - $12
  • 2 years - $18
  • Lifetime - $30
Screenshot of NZBgeek's membership options

NZBgeek has a number of membership options to choose from.

Payments can be made with credit card, Bitcoin, or gift card.

There’s also a 3-day trial for new members, if you want to give the service a spin before shelling out your hard-earned cash (or Bitcoin).

If you are a new member, you will see another option at the far left like “Free Trial $0.00”. But only click on it once you are ready to actually start your free trial as there is no further confirmation screen. Once you click the image, your free trial starts! 

How to Register on NZBgeek

Different from Usenet indexers like DogNZB or DrunkenSlug, NZBgeek has open registration.

Signing up is as simple as picking a username/password and filling out a short registration form.

Until you pay for a membership, most of NZBgeek’s features will be unavailable to you. But you can still have a poke around with an unpaid membership. 

NZBgeek Top Features

Here are some of our favorite NZBgeek features.

Screenshot of NZBgeek's GeekSeek search function

ZBgeek's GeekSearch is awesome. 

  • GeekSeek - the GeekSeek and other “Seek” features whether for movies or TV give you tons of options for finding the files you want, allowing you to sort by min and max file size, resolution, age, and more. 
  • 99.9%+ Uptime (read more below)
  • Affordable pricing
  • No ads
  • Bitcoin and gift card payments accepted for maximum privacy
  • Active live chat and forum
  • Can sync with IMDB watchlist

Is NZBgeek Down?


NZBgeek’s managed almost perfect uptime over the past year, meaning you can count on them to be up when you need them, especially if you pair it with a top-quality Usenet provider.

You can always check on the NZBgeek status page. (requires you be logged in). 

Screenshot from NZBgeek

NZBgeek has excellent up-time. reliability. 


As you’d expect, the NZBgeek API supports a number of third-party apps for easy integration & Usenet automation including SABnzbd, Sonarr, etc.

  • NZBgeek & SABnzbd? Yes!
  • NZBgeek & NZBGet? Yes!
  • NZBgeek & Sonarr? Yes!
  • NZBgeek & Sickbeard? Yes!
  • NZBgeek & CouchPotato? Yes!
  • NZBgeek & Headphones? Yes!
Screenshot of NZBGeek's API help page

NZBgeek's API supports all the major third party apps.

What Kind of Content is NZBgeek Best For?

We ran NZBgeek through a variety of search experiments to get an idea of how the indexer compared in terms of content.

What we found is that NZBgeek excels when it comes to the following content:

  • movies
  • lossless music
  • ebooks
  • comics
  • XXX material

NZBgeek was a bit weak only when it comes to foreign content, so you may have trouble finding films from your favorite French or Russian director, if you are in to that sort of thing.

Screenshot from inside NZBgeek

NZBgeek has a good & wide library of content.

NZBgeek also lags behind a bit compared to other indexers, including DogNZB, in terms of UHD content, but we're being a little picky on that one. 

NZBgeek Alternatives

The experiments we ran above for NZBgeek were done side-by-side with two of their biggest competitors, DogNZB and NZBPlanet.

These two indexers are the most common NZBgeek alternatives you’ll see mentioned.

DogNZB has both free and paid account but by invitation-only while NZBPlanet is open but has only paid accounts

  • related: our table comparing all Usenet Indexers showing which ones are free, paid, invite-only etc. 

NZBgeek Review: Conclusion

So, we’ve looked at NZBgeek’s pricing, features, and content.

NZBgeek offers very affordable subscriptions, starting at just $1 per month (for six months). And sign-up couldn’t be easier.

NZBgeek indexer has got plenty of content, and it has some interesting search features, like GeekSeek, to help you find and get what you are looking for.

Although their overall UI may not be the prettiest, this isn’t a problem if you’re automating your Usenet downloads using the NZBgeek API.

So, is NZBgeek worth it? We’d say yes, it is!  NZBgeek represents very good value in a Usenet indexer. It’s not perfect, but it’s still one of the better indexers – and it’s cheap to boot.

... and tell them Cogipas sent you!

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