How to Watch The Last of Us

The Last of Us is one of the most anticipated new series of the year, and season one debuts on January 15th and 16th, depending on your region.

Whether you’re a fan of the hit video game it’s based on or you just want a new show to watch, we’ll show you how to stream The Last of Us online from anywhere in the world.

Keep reading to find out how.

Get the Best VPN for Unblocking HBO Max

Maybe you live in a country that doesn’t have HBO Max – or where subscriptions are more expensive. Or perhaps you already have an HBO Max membership, but you’re traveling in another country.

Either way, you need a good VPN. And our recommended VPN for both unblocking HBO Max and streaming in general is PureVPN. It’s fast, affordable, and has servers optimized for HBO and other streaming services.

Here’s how to sign up:

  • Visit the PureVPN home page
  • Click ‘Get it now’
  • Choose your subscription length. You get a much better deal by using the 2-year option, but 1-month memberships are an option too if you just want to try it out first. Plus, every subscription is backed by a full 31-day money-back guarantee.
  • Use credit card, PayPal, cryptocurrency, or one of the other options to pay for your subscription.
  • Hit ‘Continue’
  • Once your subscription is active, just download and install the PureVPN app on your device of choice, then login using the details from your confirmation email.

How to Unblock HBO Max When Traveling, If You Already Have an Account

If you already have an HBO Max subscription but you’re traveling in another country, you may be blocked from streaming. Fortunately, that’s an easy fix, now that you have a quality streaming VPN.

Just select a VPN server in your home country, for example the US, and connect to it. The VPN will then give you an IP-address from the country you’re connecting to, so HBO will think you’re actually watching from there.

You should now be able to use HBO Max like you normally would. Easy, peasy!

How to Sign Up for HBO Max When You’re in a Different Location

What if you don’t already have an HBO Max subscription? That’s when things get a little tricky.

Because while it’s quite easy to change your IP address with a VPN, HBO won’t let you use a debit or credit card from another country to pay for your subscription. For example, if you’re signing up for HBO Max US, you need a US-based card or PayPal account.

Fortunately, there are ways to get around this, which we’ll discuss below:

1) While spoofing your IP address, sign up to HBO Max using a gift card as the payment method.

It’s possible to pay for an HBO Max US subscription using a gift card. This can either be something like a prepaid VISA gift card, or an iTunes or Google Play gift card.

If you’re using the prepaid VISA card, you should be able to sign up directly through

  • Click ‘Sign Up Now’
  • Select your plan (with or without ads)
  • Enter in the required personal details
  • Provide your payment info
  • Complete sign-up

If you’re using an iTunes or Google Play gift card, you’ll need to sign up through the HBO Max app on the Apple or Google Play stores.

  • However, your region will still need to be set to the US in the store to sign up for HBO Max US

Note: It’s also possible to use this method to sign up for HBO Max in another country that offers it, you’ll just need to adjust the steps. HBO Max and Go are even cheaper in some countries than they are in the US. But it’s easier to find fast, working VPN servers for streaming in the US.

2) Ask a friend or family member in that country to pay on your behalf.

If you happen to have friends or family in the US or another country where you’re trying to subscribe, you can ask them to sign up for you and send you the login info.

Just remember, you’ll still need to use a VPN when connecting to and streaming from HBO Max.

3) Enjoy The Last of Us and other HBO Max shows!

When you’ve got the subscription set up, you can now start watching The Last of Us and other HBO Max programs:

  1. Open the PureVPN app on the device you’ll be streaming on.
  2. Select a server in the US – or whatever country you’re signed up through.
  3. Connect to the server.
  4. Open HBO Max and log in.

Now you’re free to enjoy whatever you want to watch! Just make sure to re-connect to PureVPN any time you want to use HBO Max.

Top Tip

It's possible to find yourself unable to access HBO Max, even after connecting to the VPN. If that happens, try using the troubleshooting steps below:

  • Clear your browser’s cache, history, and cookies, then restart it and try again
  • Visit HBO Max in Incognito or Private mode, since this blocks cookies
  • Connect to another PureVPN server; sometimes streaming services will block individual servers, but you simply need to switch to a new one and try again

Where is The Last of Us Available to Watch?

You don’t have to live in the US to access HBO streaming. In fact, you may not even need HBO to watch The Last of Us, since it’s also available on a few other channels around the world.

Look for your country or region below to find the streaming service you need to watch The Last of Us:

  • United States – HBO Max
  • Canada – Crave
  • United Kingdom – Sky Atlantic on NOW TV
  • Australia – BINGE or Foxtel
  • New Zealand – NEON
  • Latin America & the Caribbean – HBO Max
  • Asia (Southeast and East) – HBO Go Asia
  • India – Disney+ Hotstar

For most other countries in Europe, you can watch on either HBO Max or Sky Atlantic, depending on where you live. For instance, Spain can access HBO Max, but Germans will need to stream the show through Sky.

Here’s a list of the countries that currently have access to HBO Max.

Of course, HBO has lots of other great shows and movies, so if you want to access it from a country where it’s not available, simply use the steps we highlighted above to sign up.

How to Watch The Last of Us: Wrap-Up

Hopefully the tips above have gotten you squared away, whether you’re a new HBO Max subscriber or an existing one. You’ll be able to watch from The Last of US from anywhere in the world by using PureVPN.

Joel and Elie’s journey has already started, so act now so you can catch up with the latest action!

January 31, 2023

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