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The Many Sources of Erotica Online (the web is just the tip of the XXX iceberg).

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Internet erotica is now firmly in the mainstream and not the taboo subject it used to be, even a few short years ago. The success of the ‘50 Shades of Gray’ series of best-selling books and blockbuster movies is only the most recent proof of this.

In fact, reliable surveys indicate that thirty million (30,000,000) Americans regularly watch online erotica.

Yet, few people own up to this widespread habit. That’s because there is still much stigma attached to erotica. 

Most of us still prefer to appreciate erotica in complete privacy and not to publicize our taste for erotic materials.

Maybe one day people will be able to discuss erotica as openly as other personal choices. But, until then, openly displaying your erotica activities or tastes could cause embarrassment and lead to personal or professional problems.

Therefore, it is usually a good idea to keep your erotica viewing and downloading habits private.

Top Tips - Two essential tools for keeping your Internet erotica under wraps are a reliable VPN (we highly recommend ExpressVPN as an inexpensive everyday privacy tool) and a privacy cleaning app such as CCleaner (free) to delete the trace data left behind on your computer and other devices

Privacy & Security Risks of Internet Erotica

When it comes to enjoying online erotica, there are a few risks that you need to be aware of:

copyright materials

unfortunately, too much erotica on the Internet is made up of pirated materials. This is true for all sources of online erotica, whether the web, torrents or Usenet newsgroups (all discussed below).


hackers often intentionally target erotica consumers because they know these people are less likely to complain as few would be willing to reveal what they were doing at the time they were attacked.

Hackers may distribute malware in files with attractive filenames hoping you download them, in messages containing requests for urgent action, or in software that you are prompted to install (for example, to watch a live video or open a chat window).

Just as with email spam, over time you will be able to recognize most malware threats. However, the malware and the tricks used by hackers are growing more sophisticated all the time, so it is always wise to scan any erotica you download for malware before opening them. Many excellent malware scanning apps are available.


Because everyone’s online activities are being tracked and monitored these days, you may wish to take steps to go about your erotica activities more privately or even anonymously.

Browsing erotica on the web represents the biggest risk but torrent file-sharing and even Usenet newsgroups also have snooping risks. Torrent file-sharing is increasingly being monitored and many ISPs frown on customers using torrents and Usenet newsgroups, especially for large amounts of data.

Our materials show you how to overcome these risks and keep your online activities and erotica downloading habits hidden from your ISP and other snoops.

How to Enjoy Internet Erotica in Complete Privacy

In our posts in this series, we show you how to keep your online erotica activities private as well as how to hide your adult media files offline. The subjects are discussed in a mature, non-judgmental and open-minded manner.

  • Hiding Erotica Files - Quick tips for hiding porn & erotica (your online activities and offline files). Follow this guide to avoid embarrassment and keep your stash 100% secret and safe
  • Erotic Media via Torrent File-sharing - Torrents are a great source of Internet erotica other than the web, but you should take a few steps to make sure your erotic torrenting is private and safe
  • Internet Erotica and Usenet Newsgroups - Usenet newsgroups are still one of the best sources of Internet erotica, especially in the newsgroups and alt.binaries.erotica

Erotica vs Pornography

It is also worth noting that women are now indulging almost as much as men, although usually in different materials. Women tend more towards “erotica” while men tend more towards “pornography” (aka porn, porno, pornos, pr0n or pron for short).

The terms erotica and porn cover a lot of ground from steamy short stories and novellas sold on Amazon to digital photos, amateur videos and XXX movies online to fringe materials found in only the darkest corners of the Internet.

For our articles, we will stick generally with the term “erotica” to keep things simple.

Your Choices Matter

Please keep in mind that some segments of the erotica industry may prey on vulnerable people and even contribute to human trafficking, money laundering, or other criminal activities. Similar to how your choices as a consumer at the grocery store or shopping mall have an impact on wider society, so too do your choices as a consumer of erotica. Consider keeping this in mind about which materials you seek out and especially those you pay for.

August 16, 2020

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