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Torrents are a great alternate source of online erotica. 

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How to find and watch adult erotica with torrent file-sharing.

The web remains by far the most popular way to enjoy erotica online, but it is not the only source of erotica and porn.

Torrent file-sharing and Usenet can both be great sources of erotica, but you have to know what you are getting into before you just start happily downloading and sharing erotic media files. In particular, read our general warnings for Internet erotica which outline copyright infringement risks and malware problems.

Torrents are an abundant source on online erotica, but just how exactly do you find, download and watch adult-oriented torrents whether movies, videos, images or other digital content? Most of all, how do you do it secretly and in private without anyone finding out or your habits coming back to haunt you?

Torrents as a Source of Erotica

So how can you enjoy online porn and erotica but protect yourself at the same time? There are some great ways to secretly find, download and watch adult material without anyone finding out. One of the best ways to do so is by using torrents to download just about anything in the world of adult content.

We'll first cover traditional p2p torrent file-sharing methods and then PornTime which is a shortcut way to watch adult content via torrents.

Using Traditional p2p Torrent File-sharing for Adult Erotica

Torrents may be the Best Way to Get and Watch Adult Content

One of the easiest and fastest methods to watch adult content used by millions of people around the globe is via p2p. Peer-to-peer (p2p for short) is the name of a file-sharing protocol that has been around for more than a decade.

The most popular p2p method is BitTorrent (or “torrents” for short) which allows people throughout the world to share and distribute files among fellow “torrenters”. Best of all, downloading porn torrents is extremely easy, efficient and super-sonic fast.

In summary, the steps are:

  1. Find porn torrents. There are tons of torrent search engines websites (called torrent indexes) that let you do this quickly and easily.
  2. Open the torrent in your torrent software (called a – all explained below). The files associated with the torrent will start to download. It’s easy but there’s a twist if you want to download porn torrents in complete privacy. (Psst,  like ExpressVPN)
  3. Watch and enjoy! Yep, it's that simple.

Now, let's look at all the details including how to do all of the above anonymously and in secret.

First Things First: What You'll Need to Download Adult Torrents

For step 1 - find porn torrents - you need only web access through a browser. We also recommend using a reliable VPN to keep your downloading private.

For step 2 - download and save adult content on your computer, laptop or device - you will need special (but free!) torrent downloading software. This software is called a torrent client and allows you to easily and quickly begin to download the torrent files you searched for and want to download.

The most popular torrent clients are uTorrent, VUZE and qBitTorrent.

A torrent client allows you to open the porn torrent (or any other torrent) easily so you can download the files associated with the torrent. A torrent does not contain the files (unlike a ZIP file) but instead contains some information that helps your torrent client software locate and download the files linked to the torrent.

The amount of time the files take to download largely depends on your Internet speed as well as the number and size of all the files.

Step #1: How to Find Adult Torrent Files

So how do you find porn torrents in the first place? Sites which host these XXX adult torrents have millions of files for you to choose from. There are countless torrents covering adult related material from every genre and catering to every taste imaginable.

In fact, most of the popular torrent indexes (search engines) will have a ‘XXX’ category. However, this category will usually not be further broken down or sub-divided by genre. Usually all the adult-oriented materials are all just lumped together in a single XXX category. This means you will usually have to search by typing in keywords such as the name of the movie, scene, actress, actor or video clip that best describes the genre, category or person you are looking for.

But once you hit enter, hundreds or even thousands of files will appear for you to choose from. J

Best Torrent Indexes for Adult Content

Go here for the top 16 Best Porn Torrent Sites (NSFW!). If you want even more porn torrent sites to choose from, try the TorrentBus (NSFW!) which has a huge selection of different porn torrent sites.

Otherwise, using the most popular general torrent indexes will usually yield plenty of results. For example, a torrent index which is very popular, easy to use and totally free is KickAssTorrents (NSFW!). Although you can find movies or files of any kind, not just porn torrents, KickAssTorrents (or KAT as it is also known), is one of the best. They have a huge collection of adult material which makes downloading a snap.

Step #2: Let the Downloading Begin!

Once you find and download the torrent you want, click on it and your torrent client software will take care of the rest. It will open, download and save the porn files associated with the torrent. In most cases, the files will begin to download right away.

For less popular or rare files, it may take a little longer for your torrent client software to locate available files and start to download them. That’s simply because less torrenters are sharing them.

But Snoops Can See your Torrenting!

When torrenting, you need to be careful because snoops can see and monitor your downloading activities. Check out this example of torrent snooping in action.

Files shared by torrenters are not centrally hosted. This is great since the system can always operate and is not susceptible to a single online source or server being removed or shutdown.

However, this decentralized system for file-sharing also makes it very easy for snoops to track users and activities because the IP address of everyone downloading a file via toorrents can be seen. There are many companies and parts of the government which snoop on everything people do online these days. Firms and individuals who monitor torrenting activities exist all over the world.

But you can protect yourself from snooping eyes, by using a VPN (Virtual Private Network) whenever you are downloading torrent files.

What Does a VPN Do For You?

When you use a VPN while downloading torrents, it hides your IP address from other downloaders and snoops that may be watching. They will only see a temporary and shielded IP address assigned to you by your VPN service provider, rather than your true IP address.

In essence, the VPN service provides a different and changing IP address you can hide behind. And if it is a good VPN that respects your privacy and doesn’t keep any logs, the IP address it assigns to you will not be traceable back to you from the activities you conducted while it was assigned to you.

Secondly, a VPN also stops your ISP from monitoring or seeing what you are doing and downloading. The traffic you send via your VPN provider is encrypted and secure so you, your internet traffic and data will be fully protected.

Lastly, some torrent indexes may be blocked or inaccessible from your location (depending on where you live). However, with a VPN, you can easily gain access to any blocked porn torrent sites. That’s because a VPN lets you “geo-spoof” and change the location you seem to live in to one where the sites are allowed to be accessed.

Be Especially Careful if Seeding Adult Torrents

In the world of torrents, most people download torrents and then stop sharing them once the files have downloaded completely. But there are also people that “seed”, meaning they continue to share copies of files once completely downloaded for the benefit of fellow torrenters. While not everyone has the space or the inclination to seed files, many people do.

In the torrent world, no one really likes a leech or a person who never seeds or shares. After all, if no one seeded any files, then it would undermine the file-sharing system if full copies of files were not being shared and available for download.

The torrent client software you use will (usually) automatically seed each file you've finished downloading. A VPN is even more important if you are seeding files because your true IP address would otherwise be exposed for much longer periods of time and be vulnerable to detection.

Step #3: Enjoy Your Spoils!

For step 3, enjoying the files you downloaded, use the video player or image viewer you like best. We prefer VLC for videos and movies, and IrfanView for images. Both are absolutely free.

But Cover Your Tracks Afterwards Too

The last, yet still important thing you want to do as part of the process is to clean up after yourself. This will prevent anyone with access to your computer or prying eyes to see what you been up to.

After searching for, downloading and then watching adult content, too many traces of these activities are left behind on your computer or devices.

The best way to clean these traces is to use a privacy cleaning app. One of the best ones out there is called CCleaner which is free and very easy to use on all your Windows, Android and Mac devices. This program can also help clean up junk files and free up storage space.

Using a privacy cleaning app such as CCleaner will ensure that no traces of your porn searching, downloading or watching are left behind on your computer or devices for anyone to find. It will even clear away any damning filenames left behind on your computer or devices from video players and image viewers.

Top Tip #1 – As your erotica media collection grows, you can eliminate duplicate items from it – especially images and short video clips – using “de-duping” tools such as the ‘Duplicate Finder’ feature in free CCleaner. These tools find and cull duplicate items, not only freeing up space on your storage media but getting rid of those annoying duplicate files that exist under different names.

Top Tip #2 – For a cool “one stop” solution for hiding and viewing your downloaded porn files, check out HiddenToolbox (NSFW!).

Cloud-based Services: the Ideal Adult Torrent Privacy Solution?

If you have concerns about downloading and saving adult content to your computer or devices, there is an alternative and extremely private method: cloud torrenting.

Whether you have a lack of digital storage space to store files or you simply don’t want porn torrents or XXX files stored on your computer or devices, you could use a cloud torrenting service such as Bitport.

By using this method, the torrents and files you download are not saved to your computer or devices at all. In fact, no part of the process ever “touches” your computer or devices. Instead, your files are downloaded and saved directly to the cloud server where you can access them from anywhere using a web browser and entering password you set up when opening your cloud torrenting account.

Figure: makes downloading torrents fast, easy & safe (main web interface shown)

Using this alternative means there is never a trace of your porn torrent activities left behind for anyone to find. If you also decide to open and watch your downloaded files directly from the cloud server (for example, by streaming videos or images), you won’t even need a VPN.

You can download, save and watch porn images, videos or other files in complete privacy without fear or concern that traces will ever show up on your computer’s hard drive or your devices’ storage. If that interests you, check out Bitport and sign up (they have free basic accounts) to give it a try.

Porn Time is Torrent File-sharing Too

Enjoying erotica by torrents is now easier than ever with the arrival of an erotica-specific version of Popcorn Time. Called PornTime (NSFW), this easy-to-use app lets you stream erotic media files as you download them. In fact, PornTime is so easy to use and hassle-free that it’s also easy to let your guard down when using it.

Porn Time website

Remember that PornTime (and PopcornTime) are simply user-friendly front-ends for torrent file-sharing so make sure that you use all the same techniques to keep safe and private when enjoying erotic torrents in this “new” way.

So play it safe and use a VPN supporting torrents when using either PornTime or good ol’ fashioned torrent file-sharing apps such µtorrent and Vuze.

Top Tip – Make sure to download Porn Time from a reputable source as there seem to be many malware versions on offer. Hackers are taking advantage of the current popularity of PornTime and tricking people into downloading fake versions of it that can harm your computer and devices or that can steal your data.

Keep your IP Address Hidden when Using PornTime Too

Similar to our advice for browsing erotica websites, you should give serious consideration to downloading erotic torrents while masking your IP address and encrypting your connection with a torrent-friendly VPN to prevent your file-sharing activities from being monitored.

Snoops can easily detect your IP address, monitor the erotica you are sharing and then use this information against you or save it to harm you later.

Adult Torrent Privacy Wrap-Up

Being able to find, download and watch all of the adult torrent and erotica files you want is easier than ever.

You now have all the knowledge of the techniques and tools you need, so use them well!

Just remember to protect yourself from prying eyes, snoops and sites that may be tracking and profiling you. To stay protected, use a reliable VPN or give cloud torrenting a try.

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