Internet Privacy Holidays Calendar

Important dates of interest for the Internet privacy and security community. 

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The year's most important dates for Internet privacy and security.

January 28: Data Privacy/Protection Day


January 25-29: Tax Identity Theft Awareness Week


February 7: Safer Internet Day (SID)


February – March: International Open Data Day #opendataday 


March 16: Freedom of Information Day


March 30: Happy Torrents Day (initiated by KickAssTorrents)


March 31: World Backup Day (also more)


May 5: Password Day


May 17: World Information Society Day


May 17: World Telecommunications Day


May 31: Web Designer Day


July 12: Save Net Neutrality Day


July (Last Friday): System Administrator Appreciation Day (more)


August 1: World Wide Web Day


August 16: Wave at the Surveillance Cameras Day


September 12 or 13 (256th day of each year): Day of the Programmer


October (whole month): Cyber Awareness Month

October 17: Digital Society Day


October 29: International Internet Day (more)

Monday before Black Friday: Cyber Monday good deals available

November (whole month): Cyber Security Month

November 27: Systems Engineer Day


November  30: International Computer Security Day

last Friday in November: Black Friday (November 23, 2018) good deals available  


December: National Identity Theft Prevention and Awareness Month


December (Second Saturday): International Shareware Day

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