Newshosting vs Giganews: Which Should You Choose? (Updated)

Deciding between Newshosting vs Giganews is not an easy choice but we come up with a recommendation after comparing them feature-by-feature. 

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Which Usenet provider is better: Newshosting or Giganews? 

This is a tough one.

If you are researching which is the best Usenet provider, these two names will come up again and again.

In all honesty, we think you would be happy with either one. Below, we have done a detailed analysis feature-by-feature. But if you don't have time to read all the details below, here's the TL;DR summary:

  • Newshosting beats Giganews on price, free trial, retention & its free newsreader client
  • Giganews beats Newshosting on number of uncensored newsgroups & overall quality 
  • Newshosting and Giganews are about equal in all other respects, including news server locations, download speeds, maximum number of connections, completions, security (SSL), no-logs & bundled VPN freebies

Here's what we'll look at in this post:

How to Choose between Newshosting vs Giganews

In making the choice, a lot will depend on your own personal circumstances when trying to decide which one is the “best”. For example:

  • What's your budget? Your decision may be influenced by each provider’s prices, plans and money-back guarantee policies.
  • What newsgroups are you most interested in? Your decision may be influenced by the number of newsgroups or more importantly the actual newsgroups carried by each provider as well as their retention and completion rates.
  • Do you already have a favorites newsreader client, or do you need to rely on software bundled with your Usenet provider subscription? Your decision may be influenced by how good each provider’s newsreader is including ease of use, interface, search function, NZB support, video/image thumbnail previews and download speeds.
  • Do you already have a VPN, or do you need to rely on one bundled with your Usenet provider subscription? Your decision may be influenced by the quality of each provider’s bundled or “free” VPN service.
  • Where do you live? Your decision may be influenced by where each provider’s news servers are located.

Tale of the Tape: Newshosting vs Giganews

By this, we mean the raw statistics for each provider.

We recommend that you should never base your decision on just statistics, but it is still an interesting exercise and a good place to start.

As you'll see, Newshosting vs Giganews are pretty much neck-in-neck in terms of the numbers.


  • Servers in USA & Europe
  • SSL connections and keeps no logs
  • 110,000 newsgroups
  • 5,435 days of retention
  • 100 simultaneous download threads (max)
  • free VPN with some plans 


  • Servers in USA & Europe
  • SSL connections and keeps no logs
  • 110,000 newsgroups
  • 1,100 days of retention
  • 100 simultaneous download threads (max)
  • free VPN

News Server Locations

Newshosting has news servers in USA, The Netherlands, Germany and one other Continental European country.

Giganews does not disclose the specific locations of its news servers but suffice to say they have redundant Usenet server clusters in North America and Europe.

We call a tie.

So, whether you live in the USA, Canada, the UK, Continental Europe or further afield in Australia or elsewhere, either of these Usenet providers will provide similar download speeds.

Plans & Prices

A big reason for Newshosting's popularity is its great price point. At just $5.99/mo for an unlimited annual plan Newshosting is terrific value for money.

Giganews’ closest comparable unlimited plan is its “Platinum Plan” at $8.33/mo. There is little doubt that is too expensive for many people and they will lean towards Newshosting.

Overall, Newshosting wins on price.

Number of Newsgroups

Here, we call it a virtual draw. They both offer newsgroups that number among the highest in the industry. Plus, the number of newsgroups matters a lot less than the actual newsgroups carried.

Both Newshosting and Giganews carry tons of the binaries groups such as alt.binaries.boneless and dozens of the erotica binaries groups too.

You can check the specific newsgroups both carry at these links:

  • Giganews carries 110,000 newsgroups: see its newsgroup listing and newsgroup search
  • Newshosting carries 110,000 newsgroups but, unfortunately, recently removed the full newsgroup listing and newsgroup search features from its website. Darn. 

Quality, Completion Rates & Retention Periods

These factors are hard to test and verify. But you can get a very good sense spending time on the Usenet subreddit reading about users’ experiences.

Our impression - backed up by our own experiences with both Usenet providers and our anecdotal evidence - is that Giganews is slightly better in quality. Plus, it comes with an industry-leading 100 connections (tied with Newshosting).

  • Giganews has a slight edge over Newshosting in overall “quality”.

This is a very subjective statement by which we intend to capture a few related things such as completion rates, retention periods and download speeds.

The one and only irritant we have towards Giganews is its claimed “100%” completion rates. Sorry, but 100% is a claim too far.

Technical glitches and takedown notices mean that no provider should make such a claim. That said, Newshosting’s claim of “99%+” is not far off.

  • So, these providers tie when it comes to completion rates.

Newshosting has higher advertised retention rates than Giganews, but both are more than enough for even veteran Usenetters.

Retention refers to the length of time, usually stated in days, that a Usenet post remains available on a Usenet provider’s news servers.

Newshosting boasts retention rates of 5,435 days (just over 13 years) for binaries whereas Giganews has 1,100 days' (3 years') worth of binary retention. For text posts, Giganews has 15+ years of retention.

  • In the result, Newshosting wins out when it comes to post retention.

Custom Newsreader

In this category, Newshosting offers a solid newsreader client with their Usenet plans whereas Giganews does not.

Newshosting’s newsreader is unbranded but is feature-packed boasting super easy setup, integrated search, sneak peek video previewing, NZB support and automatic downloading.

If you don't need a bundled newsreader and already have a favorite standalone newsreader, this won't prevent you from choosing Giganews. But newbies especially will be attracted to a bundled newsreader like that offered by Newshosting because it makes the setup process so much easier. 

Free Trial Period

Here, Newshosting has a definite edge over Giganews.

Newshosting has a 14-day trial during which you can cancel and get your full money back, provided you have downloaded less than 30 GB of data. That’s more than enough time and data to figure out whether Newshosting is right for you.

In contrast, Giganews also offers a 14-day trial period, but during which you can download up to 10 GB of data.

With both, you'll first need to sign up - meaning you pay first and then can seek a refund upon request. Keep an eye on the amount of data you download (clearly displayed in Newshosting’s newsreader) because if you go above the limit, you will forfeit your right to ask for a refund.

Bundled VPN Service

Let’s get one thing out of the way at the start: you should use a VPN with Usenet.

There’s a reason why most Usenet providers now offer a VPN with their Usenet plans and that’s to hide your Usenet activities from your ISP.

ISPs hate Usenet because you can download staggering amounts of data in no time. For this reason, most ISPs employ automated tools that will slow down your connection if they detect Usenet.

A VPN encrypts the entire connection between your computer and the Usenet provider’s newsservers ensuring your ISP never gets a whiff of your Usenet activity. This keeps your connection humming along at maximum possible speeds.

Newshosting’s VPN is an own-branded version of IPVanish VPN, a very well respected VPN service in its own right. 

Giganews plans that are eligible for a free VPN come with a subscription for VyprVPN. This VPN is known for being fast and for working in difficult places, such as China and the Middle East. Plus, VyprVPN is now fully audited as being no logs and so is ideal for torrenting too.

So, if you plan to use the bundled VPN for things other than Usenet (and we really recommend you do) Giganews may appeal more to you. Especially if you want to engage in torrent file-sharing, which like Usenet, is another great and easy way to download content.

If you live in or travel to places with Internet censorship, Giganews’ bundled VPN will appeal more to you.

Of course, if you already have a VPN service you like, this is a non-factor in your choice between Newshosting vs Giganews. 🙂


You will find just as many die-hard fans of Newshosting as you will of Giganews.

Both Usenet providers are very similar on paper. The bottom line is: Newshosting plans are cheaper, but Giganews has an edge on quality.

The best advice we can give? Use their free trial periods and give them both a try.

That's not a cop out: both are high-quality, long-standing Usenet providers vying neck and neck as overall industry leader. Either choice is a good and safe one, so choose either one right now or take them both for a test drive and give them a full run for your money. You won't be disappointed. 

December 4, 2022

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