TweakNews Usenet Review: Is It Good?

TweakNews is a solid Usenet provider with a generous free trial and recently upgraded retention. 

Screenshot of TweakNews website.

Is TweakNews a good Usenet provider for you? 

TweakNews is a premium Usenet provider based in the Netherlands but also with servers in the US. Although it is probably best known for its solid block accounts, TweakNews' monthly plans have a lot going for them.

This review will take you through TweakNews' pros and cons as a monthly Usenet provider. 

TweakNews Review: At a Glance

  • based in the Netherlands but also has servers in USA to maximize completion rates
  • prices start as low as €2.00, meaning there’s something for all budgets
  • our 42% discount brings the 'Ultimate + VPN' plan down from €9.03/mo to €7.50/mo 
  • 99%+ completion rates
  • known for its fast downloads
  • EXCLUSIVE free trial for 7 days / 50 GB & no speed caps, letting you try before you buy
  • up to 40 60 simultaneous connections per account
  • 256-bit SSL encryption protecting each connection
  • 3,400 days retention (that's more than 9 years' worth of files)
  • free no-log VPN included
  • news servers based only in the Netherlands; no US news servers
  • no Bitcoin or other kinds of anonymous payment methods available
  • support provided through tickets rather than live chat

TweakNews Review Summary

TweakNews Review

Tweaknews logo

Overall Rating (4.5 of 5 stars)

  • TweakNews is a premium Usenet provider.
  • €7.50/month
  • TweakNews recently upped its retention rates which now helps make it one of the overall best Usenet providers on the market given its fast news servers located in The Netherlands. 

TweakNews Review: Pricing & Plans

TweakNews offers a full portfolio of plans for different needs and price points:

Screenshot from Tweaknews website of prices for newsgroup access

TweakNews' most popular plans (before applying our discount).

But wait!

Our readers can enjoy an exclusive discount and snag the Ultimate plan for €9.07/mo €7.50/mo for unlimited speeds, 40 connections, free SSL, unlimited downloads and a no-log VPN thrown in for free.

How to Get TweakNews for a 42% Discount

Eagle-eyed readers will have seen the reference above to a Cogipas discount.

That's right.

TweakNews has extended an offer to our readers that let's you get an Ultimate unlimited account for only €7.50/mo - that's 42% off the normal price.

Here's how it works:

TweakNews Discount in Easy Steps


Sign-Up for a Free Trial

Head on over to TweakNews' free trial sign-up page and enter your email address.

Screenshot of TweakNews' free trial offer.

Why not try out TweakNews for free for 7 days? No download limits & no speeds caps.


Choose the Discounted Plan

You'll then be prompted to choose a plan. Here you will see that our discount is applied. 🙂

Screenshot from TweakNews website with discounted prices

You can see the discount in black & white.


List Item #3

You'll also be asked to set a password for your TweakNews account and enter payment information. Don't worry: if you cancel your account before the end of your free trial, you will not be charged a penny. For assurance, you'll see that it says this right beside this step, "7 Day, N-Risk Free Trial"

Screenshot from TweakNews listing what its free trial includes

Rest assured your free trial is at no-risk. Cancel in the 7 days and you won't pay a penny.


Receive your Account Details

You'll receive a confirmation email along with instructions on what you'll need to get started.

Screenshot of email received from TweakNews

You'll receive a confirmation email like this one.


That's it!

If you like TweakNews during your free trial and want to stay on at the discount you selected in step #2, simply do nothing. You will automatically be enrolled at the discounted price at the end of the 7-day trial. You just saved 42%. 🙂 

TweakNews Review: Features & Benefits

The image below captures the many benefits TweakNews offers. 

Screenshot of TweakNews benefits & features.

TweakNews has a lot of features & benefits and is great for European users.

High Retention Rates

Until recently, TweakNews had so-so retention rates of 2,500 days.

Not anymore!

TweakNews has now officially upgraded its retention from 2,500 to 3,400 days. The math comes out to 900 more days added, which is about a 36% upgrade.

Best of all, the TweakNews retention upgrade:

  • is across all TweakNews servers
  • is across all newsgroups, both text and binary
  • benefits all users (new users, free trial users, and existing users)
  • comes at no added cost to any users 🙂 

Free Trial 

While the best Usenet providers all offer free trials of between a few days with limits up to 20 GB, TweakNews ups the ante and has a 7-day / 50 GB free trial with no speed limits.

In other words, you can push it to its limits during your free trial to make sure it's the right Usenet provider for you. 

Follow the instructions above to start your no-risk free trial. It literally takes about 2 minutes. 

SSL Connections Keep Your Downloads Safe

TweakNews offers SSL encryption for no extra change on all of its accounts.

By using SSL connections, your Usenet downloads stay private. It's nobody's business what you download from newsgroups. 

UsenetWire: TweakNews' Free Newsreader

Included with all TweakNews' monthly plans is UsenetWire, its free newsreader for Windows, Mac and Linux. UsenetWire is easy for Usenet beginners and powerful enough for experienced pros too. Though most pros will probably opt for NZBGet or other advanced Usenet downloader

  • Free 🙂 
  • Built-in Search
  • Easy Setup
  • Automatic download feature
  • Auto Repair & Decompression
Screenshot of UsenetWire newsreader in action.

UsenetWire newsreader comes free with all TweakNews plans.


TweakNews has a wealth of information and FAQs on its website, covering the following topics:

  • General FAQ's
  • Newsgroup Software
  • Usenet Techniques
  • Connection Speed
  • Using Newsgroups

Unfortunately, customer support is provided by a ticket system, rather than live chat. However, support is available in a number of languages, not just English. 

If you are just looking for TweakNews' news server details, here they are: 

  • Hostname:
  • SSL: 563 (default) or 443
  • Non-SSL: 119 (default) or 80 [but we recommend you always use SSL!]

TweakNews Review: Final Thoughts

In the final result, TweakNews is a solid Usenet provider with high retention, fast speeds and a full set of benefits. 

If you are still on the fence, take it for a spin for 7 days and put its through its paces. You can download as much as you want and as fast as you want for the 7-day period to see if its right for you. 

July 15, 2023

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