NZBFinder Usenet Indexer Review

Looking for a Usenet indexer for searching and downloading NZBs? NZBFinder is worth a look.

NZBFinder Review

With over 12+ years in the Usenet business, NZBFinder has had plenty of time to build a great reputation among the Usenet community.

Many even consider it one of the top NZB indexers available. But is that just hype? Or is NZBFinder truly one of the best?

Let’s find out in this in-depth NZBFinder review.

NZBFinder Review: Pricing


When it comes to getting the most bang for your buck, NZBFinder is hard to beat. They even have a free plan!

  • Free Tier – 0€ per year – 25 API Hits and 5 Downloads (No XXX Access)
  • Basic Tier – 10€ per year – 5,000 API Hits and Unlimited Downloads
  • Pro Tier – 20€ per year – 20,000 API Hits and Unlimited Downloads
  • Elite Tier – 35€ per year – Unlimited API Hits and Unlimited Downloads (plus Spotweb access)

By the way, those API requests are per day. That means that even just the Basic tier might be enough for you, unless you are a very heavy Usenet user. That’s less than 1€ per month!

And the Free tier is still a viable option for very casual users, or folks who just want to try the indexer before buying a membership.

Of course, you can’t download XXX on the free plan – and the five-download-per-day limit can be a little restrictive, especially if you’re into downloading entire TV series.

There’s a huge selection of payment methods available, including credit card, cryptocurrencies, prepaid gift cards, and a variety of local methods. Their recent update also added Apple Pay and Google Pay as options.

Top Tip:

You can enjoy a level of anonymity if you pay with a prepaid gift card and follow a few tips.

How to Register on NZBFinder

Unlike private (invitation-only) indexers, like DrunkenSlug or DogNZB, NZBFinder has open registration.

Simply pick a username and password, and you’re in. You will have to verify your account via email though and NZBFinder does ban temporary email domains, so make sure you use a real one.

Note: If you don’t already have one, we recommend using a secure, private email service.


NZBFinder Review: Top Features

Here are some of the areas where NZBFinder stands out.

  • Huge Selection:
    You won’t find many, if any, indexers with a larger variety of content than NZBFinder – from movies to TV to music to XXX. And perhaps more importantly, their content is very high quality, with plenty of UHD 2160p remux files for your 4K screen.

  • Stellar Service and Reputation:
    NZBFinder’s 2020 update treated users to a faster backend, improved and streamlined search, extra payment options, and more. And this is just the kind of user-friendly approach people have come to expect from the Finder team, who are active in communities like r/usenet.

    They’re also pretty vocal in condemning “scrapers”, indexers who simply re-list the content already found by other indexers. Why does this matter? Because scraped content often gets taken down faster, which makes it’s a lose-lose for both users and honest indexers, like NZBFinder.
  • Free Membership Tier:
    Whether you’re looking to try before you buy, you’re a light user who doesn’t download much content on a daily basis, or you’re simply, ahem, broke, you’ll love NZBFinder’s free membership tier. Those measly 5 downloads per day won’t even come close to satisfying heavy users, of course, but it’s still nice option to have.
Movies Menu


What Kind of Content is NZBFinder Best For?

While conducting our review of NZBFinder, we made sure to compare its results side-by-side with other popular Usenet indexers.

And, well, it performed similarly to DrunkenSlug. In fact, generally NZBFinder has more TV and Movies releases compared to DS.

Overall, NZBFinder’s focus seems to be video, including movies, TV, and XXX. But not just any video – these are high-quality rips.


Is NZBFinder Worth it?

Now that we’ve taken a detailed look at NZBFinder’s features, it’s time for the conclusion: is it worth the price?

The short answer: yes. The long answer: definitely yes.

NZBFinder has one of the best libraries around, with a very streamlined setup that makes both manual search and automation easy. They’re comparable to DrunkenSlug, in many ways, yet Finder offers more API hits and downloads – and open registration.

And with a free tier available, you have no reason not to give NZBFinder a try.

April 6, 2023

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