DrunkenSlug Review: Is it the Best Usenet Indexer?

DrunkenSlug is a premium (paid) Usenet indexer. Is it worth the price?

Screenshot of DrunkenSlug Login page

Review of DrunkenSlug: you might be seeing a lot of this Login page in your future. 

In Usenet circles, DrunkenSlug is considered one of the best Usenet indexers you can get. But with its private membership model, many people haven’t even tried it. We have.

Does it live up to the hype? Keep reading our DrunkenSlug review to find out.

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DrunkenSlug Review: Pricing

For a Usenet indexer of its caliber, DrunkenSlug is actually quite affordable. They even have a free plan!

  • “Water” Tierfree (0€ per year) – 50 API hits and 5 Downloads per day
  • “Ale” Tier – 10€ per year – 1000 API hits and 100 Downloads per day
  • “Wine” Tier – 20€ per year – 4000 API hits and 2000 Downloads per day
Screenshot of DrunkenSlug Membership Options

DrukenSlug has 3 memberships to choose from.

Note that although the pricing is per year, the above API and download limits are per day.

This means the 10€ Ale tier would suit most people’s needs, and casual Usenet users could even get by on the free plan.

But keep in mind that most TV shows are uploaded by episode, so a free tier member might need to spread out a single season of a TV series over 2, 3, or more days.

How to Register at DrunkenSlug

One of the few drawbacks of DrunkenSlug is how tough it can be to get your foot in the door. Though, once you’re in, its private membership actually becomes a positive.

To register at DrunkenSlug, you either need an invitation or to wait for an open registration period.

These only come around a few times a year and usually last less than a day. Sometimes only a few hours!

The best way to learn about an opening is to subscribe to the subreddit r/Usenet (here's an example of a DrunkenSlug opening announcement). But even then, you'll have to be quick! 

While you’re waiting, you can always check out one of the public Usenet indexers, like NZBGeek.

DrunkenSlug Review: Top Features

Here are some of our favorite things about DrunkenSlug:

DrunkenSlug Boasts a Huge Selection

When it comes to the sheer amount and variety of content, as well as its quality, there are few, if any, indexers that manager to outshine DrunkenSlug.

A particular indexer may have a little more of a certain type of content, but DS has one of the best selections overall across categories. Here's a screenshot of their main menu: 

Screenshot of DrunkenSlug content categories

DrukenSlug has a massive collection of good-quality content.

DrunkenSlug Accepts Bitcoin and Gift Card Payments 

If you don't want to pay for a membership with PayPal, you have not one but two options for private payments to DrunkenSlug.

You can either pay with Bitcoin, or you can send an Amazon gift card by email. If you buy the gift card in cash, this makes it one of the more anonymous payment methods possible.

DrunkenSlug is a Reddit Favorite

DrunkenSlug is considered one of, if not the, top indexer by the folks over at r/usenet on Reddit. 

DrunkenSlug Has a Free Membership Tier  

As we pointed out above, it’s possible to use DrunkenSlug completely for free, though most active users will want to upgrade to one of their affordable paid tiers. 

Even More Reasons to Love DrunkenSlug

  • Few ads
  • 1,300+ days retention
  • 99%+ uptime
  • Private membership model keeps the quality high 
  • Easy integration with NZB downloaders such as SABnzbd, NZBGet, Sonarr, etc.
  • SSL encryption
  • RSS feed
Screenshot of DrunkenSlug's main sidebar

DS' main sidebar.

What Kind of Content is DrunkenSlug Best For?

While conducting our DrunkenSlug review, we had the chance to compare its database with a couple of its competitors, namely NZBGeek and DogNZB. All three have their strengths.

For instance, NZBGeek fared very well for lesser-known TV series.

But overall, we have to give the nod to DrunkenSlug as having the best overall selection of the three. And one area where DS really shined is for older content, whether it was a movie from the ‘90s or just a TV show from earlier in this decade.

DrunkenSlug’s content is also of great quality. Here are screenshots of the submenus from their Movies and TV Shows categories:

Screenshot of DrunkenSlug's movie submenu

DrukenSlug for movies...

Screenshot of DrunkenSlug's TV show submenu

DrunkenSlug for TV shows ...

Screenshot of DrunkenSlug browse movies submenu

It's easy to browse movies on DrunkenSlug.

DrunkenSlug Review Recap: Is DrunkenSlug Worth It? 

Okay, so we’ve taken a look at everything from DrunkenSlug’s pricing to its best features.

It’s got a huge selection of high-quality content to choose from, and memberships are quite affordable to boot. Unfortunately, it does take some waiting and/or maneuvering to snag a membership in the first place.

So, is DrunkenSlug worth it? We answer with a big YES. If you can manage to sign up, DrunkenSlug is one of the best Usenet indexers out there.

Happy downloading!

March 23, 2023

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