How to Use Torrents for Audiobooks

Best Free Audiobook Index

Do you love audiobooks? Do you want to know how to get more of the audiobooks you like... for free?

Our guide will show you how to use torrents for audiobooks, including the best torrent sites for audiobooks.

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Are These Sites Safe?

First, a quick word of warning:

If you’re using torrents to download content, you should always protect yourself with a reliable VPN. Doing so will protect your privacy and download history from prying eyes.

You wouldn’t want everyone to find out about your obsession with Twilight fan fiction, would you?

Here’s a more in-depth look at the risks associated with torrent sites.

Which VPN should you use? Well, we consider PIA VPN to be the best VPN for torrenting, since it provides tons of security benefits while still being affordable and easy to use. 

AudioBook Bay – Best Free Audiobook Torrent Site

AudioBook Bay Audiobook Index

AudioBook Bay is not only one of the best resources for downloading audiobooks, from the hottest new releases to more obscure stuff, it doesn’t require an invite – or even registration.

Well, you do need to sign up for a free account if you want to download via magnet links. But you can actually just copy the ‘Info Hash’ under any torrent file into your torrent client and download it that way, without needing an account. 

AudioBook Bay Hash Download

Note: ABB’s domains get taken down often, so if the link above is dead, try searching for ‘audiobookbay’ in your preferred search engine.

ABTorrents – Best Registration-Only Audiobook Torrent Site

ABTorrents Audiobook Index

If you don’t mind registering for an account and seeding your torrents, ABTorrents is another excellent audiobook tracker. The AB stands for, you guessed it, audiobooks – and the site has a lot of them.

Registration is free and doesn’t require an invite. But as the welcome message explains, they do encourage users to donate a small amount (€5,00 / $5.50) per year to help with maintenance costs.

MyAnonamouse – Best Invite-Only Audiobook Torrent Site

MyAnonamouse Audiobook Index

Those in the know will tell you that MyAnonamous is the site for free audiobooks. But there’s just one issue… it’s invite only.

However, they’re nice enough to hold open application times twice per week. You can check their application page for more info.

Other Sites for Audiobooks

Of course, the above trackers aren’t the only sources for audiobooks, they just tend to have the biggest selection. You can also check:

...and other popular torrent sites for them. And then there's Usenet.

Usenet for Audiobooks

If you don't want to use torrents, another option is Usenet, including indexers like:

...and others. Just keep in mind that Usenet, while being a bit faster and safer than torrents in general, isn't quite as good for finding audiobooks. For more info, check out our post on How to Use Usenet for Audiobooks.

Best eBook Index

If you’re looking for ebooks rather than audiobooks, these are your best bets:

You can also check out our full posts on the best shadow libraries and the best torrent sites for books.

Torrents for Audiobooks: Wrap-Up

Hopefully, you’re able to find all your favorite fiction and non-fiction releases using the free audiobook torrents above. Just make sure to use a secure torrenting VPN, like PIA VPN, to keep yourself safe when downloading. 

Of course, there’s always the possibility you won’t find something specific you’re looking for on the sites we highlighted above, at which point you could try the local library – or a paid site, like Audible.

What’s your favorite source for audiobooks? Let us know in the comments!

August 29, 2023

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