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Usenet, Bitcoin and “Anonymous” Newsgroups Access

Want to Pay for Usenet with Bitcoin? Only a Handful of Newsgroup Providers Take Bitcoin

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Usenet & Bitcoin make a great combination. Yet, Bitcoin is not accepted by all Usenet providers as a way to pay for newsgroup access.

At time of publishing, the Usenet providers listed and described below accept Bitcoin. You'll note that none of them are based in the USA.

Why Pay with Bitcoin for Usenet?

Usenet predates P2P networks such as BitTorrent file-sharing by almost two decades, but has managed to remain on the radar of Internet download enthusiasts. The reason for this is due to technological breakthroughs on Usenet such as NZB files and automated downloading which have now enabled its users to efficiently transfer large files including feature-length videos.

Usenet is Safer than p2p but Not Foolproof

Although there are much lower snooping risks with Usenet versus P2P users due to the difference in the technologies used, you are still at risk. The technology behind Usenet makes it much more difficult to find a downloader’s IP address when compared to the amount of snooping on torrent file-sharing. Some Usenet downloaders may wish to reduce that risk as close as possible to zero in order to avoid any trouble with snoops.

Top Tip – Make sure to hide your true IP address when connecting to your Usenet provider’s servers. The best way to do this is to protect your entire Internet connection and spoof your IP address by using a reliable VPN provider such as IPVanish VPN (best choice) or Private Internet Access (value choice). Often you can also “bundle” a VPN with your Usenet service at a great deal but we recommend you use a VPN provider that is different from your Usenet provider to keep them sealed off from one another.

Using a Non-Logging Usenet Newsgroup Provider & Paying with Bitcoin offers Maximum Protection

In addition to making sure you use a Usenet newsgroup provider that does NOT keep any logs of user activity, the best way to further maximize your Usenet anonymity is to purchase Usenet services with an “anonymous” payment option like Bitcoin. We place the word anonymous in quotes because strictly speaking Bitcoin is not 100% anonymous (despite claims you may read that it is), but for most people and Usenet users it is close enough. Only Edward Snowden and Ross Ulbricht types need to worry, not Usenet downloaders.

Below, we have identified and described Usenet providers which accept Bitcoin payments.

Best Usenet & Bitcoin Option: PureUsenet

PureUsenet is based in The Netherlands which is a jurisdiction known for its strong stance on personal privacy and a long history of Usenet activity.

PureUsenet services are open to customers in America and anywhere else in the world. It prides itself on great customer service and low pricing. PureUsenet also offers a trial period for each of their six packages. Packages offer unlimited speed paired with 12 simultaneous connections on the premium end down to a speed of 4 Mbps with 4 connections on the lower pricing end. Retention is an impressive 1100 days for all plans.

usenet-bitcoin-pureusenet image

Usenet & Bitcoin Option #2: XLned

XLned is a Dutch-based Usenet provider open to worldwide users. It started operations in 2007 and offers five speed options up to a whopping 120 Mb/s. All packages provide SSL secure connections which provide the best protection against interception and inspection of your Usenet activities by snoops. XLned is a longstanding and trusted name in Usenet. It boasts a high completion rate of over 99% and offers more than 100,000 uncensored newsgroups.

You can check for yourself: see the red arrow below added to a screenshot from XLned's website showing the Bitcoin payment option.

usenet bitcoin xlned image

Top Usenet Bitcoin Providers Compared

PureUsenet XLned
Servers in US  No No
Servers in Europe Yes Yes
Number of Newsgroups 120,000+ 100,000
Retention (in days) 1,100 900+
Completion Rate (%) ? 99%+
SSL Encryption 256-Bit SSL Custom-built SSL
Connections Up to 12
(depends on plan)
Up to 12
Trust Pilot Rating n/a 7.9
Free Trial (days/GBs) 7 Days No
Credit Card / Paypal / Small fee? No n/a
Bitcoin Payments Yes Yes
Support Via telephone / email Email, Forum, FAQ page

Other Usenet Bitcoin Newsgroup Providers


UsenetFarm is a Dutch-based Usenet provider which offers all users a 10 GB trial account. UsenetFarm’s packages include 2 unlimited accounts and 1 block account. The block account provides 500 GB with account sharing while the flat-rate accounts offer either 24 Mbps or unlimited speed with no account sharing. Retention is between 900 and 1100 days.

Bulknews is yet another Dutch Usenet provider. However, it has the distinction of offering both block and flatrate accounts. Block accounts range from 20 to 250 GB while flatrate accounts offer unlimited speeds down to 20 Mbps paired with 8 to 40 connections. Potential users may test the service for a trial period. Bulknews Usenet connections are secured with 256-Bit SSL Encryption and retention is 900 days.

Top Tip – If you don’t know what a Usenet block account is, read our post about what are essentially pay-as-you-go Usenet access.

UsenetDiscounter is a Dutch Usenet provider with newsgroup servers worldwide. Users may choose one of the 9 accounts on offer, including 3 cheaper night accounts which are only available for use at midnight to midday (00:00 – 12:00) Central European Time. Users may try the service risk-free by signing up for a trial account.

The speeds on regular accounts range from 5 Mbps to 1000 Mbps (1 Gbps) while night accounts are from 5 Mbps to 100 Mbps. UsenetDiscounter offers a maximum of 70 connections for regular accounts with night accounts permitting up to 30 connections. Its retention rate is 950 days. Free SSL 256-Bit encryption is provided.


Cheapnews is (yet another) Dutch Usenet provider which offers flatrate and block Usenet accounts. They offer a 7-day trial account capped at 20 GB. Their block accounts go up to 1000 GB with 24 connections. The speeds for flat accounts are from 20 Mbps with 10 connections up to unlimited with 24 connections. Cheapnews also provides 256 Bit SSL encryption. VPN services may be paired with Usenet packages or may be purchased on its own. Retention is 1200+ days with the figure growing closer to 1300 days.

BlockNews accepts Bitcoin

Blocknews customers have the option of using servers located either on the US East Coast or those located in Europe. Retention stands at over 2600 days and users are allowed up to 50 connections. Free SSL encryption is provided. Blocknews also offers block accounts from 5 GB up to a staggering 3072 GB.


UsenetBucket is a Dutch Usenet provider. It offers users a free 7-day trial of 5 GB. Customers may choose one of three regular plans. Free SSL support is provided and up to 50 connections are allowed. Speeds are from 10 Mbps to 400 Mbps with unlimited traffic and retention is 1200 days.


NewsDemon has servers in both the US and in Europe. They offer a 15 GB trial as well as over 20 regular plans which include both block and metered plans. Block plans go from 10 GB to 1000 GB. SSL Encryption is also supported. Metered plans are from 50 GB up to unlimited data and include secure VPN access. All plans offer unlimited speed with 2991+ days retention and up to 50 connections.

Usenet Bitcoin Providers Wrap-up

It’s hard not to notice that most Usenet providers accepting bitcoin are Dutch (i.e., based in the European country of The Netherlands). That’s no coincidence as The Netherlands has a long history with Usenet in no small part due to the government’s general tolerance towards all things Usenet.

Top Tip – If you do NOT need a Usenet Bitcoin provider, then simply check out our recommended Best Usenet Providers.

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