German Usenet Indexers Review

Looking for German indexers for Usenet downloads?

So, you’re on the hunt for a German Usenet indexer, a place where you can get more of those sweet, sweet German NZBs for your collection, eh?

Then we’ve got some good news and some bad news. The good news is, there are some solid German-language indexers out there, as well as a few general indexers with plenty of German NZBs. The bad news is… well, we’ll get to that.

Let’s take a look at the top German Usenet indexers (and forums) on the web.

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Best German Usenet Indexers

These next two entries are a lot like the other popular NZB indexers on the ‘net, only they’re in German. And hey, that’s what you’re looking for, right?

SceneNZB [Update: Shutdown]

Scene NZB

Update: SceneNZB shut down their service in October 2020 due to difficulties maintainig the site. 

SceneNZB is a solid option as far as indexers are concerned, with a plethora of German NZB goodness to dig through and download.

But there’s a catch: the membership prices are way higher than their English-language competitors. Their yearly membership is 60€. Compare that to NZBGeek, which only charges $12 for a year and $40 for lifetime. That’s right, Geek’s lifetime package is less than SceneNZB’s yearly package.

However, Scene does have a free tier, though it’s limited to just 10 API hits and 3 NZBs per day, which actually ain’t too bad if you’re just searching for the occasional German-language file.

News Complex

Newz Complex offers a similar setup to SceneNZB – and its prices are better, too.

Unfortunately, membership is invite-only, and the main page is even hidden. In short, it may take a little maneuvering and waiting to get your foot in the door.

Best German Usenet Forums

While these sites are in German, they’re forums, not indexers. Which means you’ll be searching for and downloading for Usenet files the old-fashioned way, without APIs and automation.

That’s a deal breaker for some, but there are other folks who are more used to the old-school Usenet setup and will feel right at home here (assuming they speak German). And even if they’re not your main sources for NZBs, you might be able to track down the occasional, hard-to-find file here.

Brothers of Usenet

The first entry on the list is Brothers of Usenet, one of the more popular German Usenet forums on the web.

Usenet 4 All

Usenet-4All has closed membership. Registration is only possible through an invite or the occasional open membership period.

House of Usenet

Like the above site, House of Usenet’s registration is currently closed. You’ll need an invite to get in.

Sky of Usenet

Sky of Usenet is another great spot to check for German NZBfiles, if you can’t find ‘em anywhere else.

File Leechers

Last but not least in our Usenet German rundown is File Leechers, which offers a decent variety of German content.

Best Non-German Indexers

You’re unlikely to find every German NZB you’re looking for by using the above sites. While the below indexers don’t offer predominantly German content, they do have some – and they’re also some of the best indexers around, period.


There you have it: the top German Usenet indexers and forums on the internet, as well as a few English indexers with a decent amount of German content.

If you don’t find what you’re looking for between these sites, it may not exist! Or maybe you’ll simply have to turn to torrents instead. But torrenting in Germany is not safe.

Which of these indexers is your favorite? Let us know in the comments.

February 26, 2022

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