SimplyNZBs Alternatives: Check Out These Instead

If you’re an existing SimplyNZBs subscriber or were looking to sign up, we’ve got some bad news… SimplyNZBs has been added to the list of dead NZB sites

Yep, it’s gone for good.

Fortunately, you really aren’t missing out on much. The site’s search quality, server speeds, and uptime had really struggled over the past year or two.

There are still tons of NZB indexers out there, and you’ll likely be a lot happier with the SimplyNZBs alternatives we suggest below. 

What Happened to SimplyNZBs?

While we don’t know exactly what caused SimplyNZBs to shut down, since they were just running Black Friday deals a few months before they died, many users weren’t surprised – or particularly sad – to see them go. 

In this Reddit thread, user maineguy1988 said, “SimplyNZBs is trash, in case anyone is wondering...” When asked for a reason, he replied: “They have nothing and their servers are slow as s***.”

WolfingCry supported his statement, by commenting: “Complete and utter garbage. Don’t waste your money”

Months later, when a user asked whether SimplyNZBs was in fact dead, user MowMdown weighed in: “That indexer has never been alive. If you paid money, you got scammed.” 

Oof. It’s pretty clear that many over at r/Usenet weren’t a fan of the site. But SimplyNZBs did have their fans, like resqucodo, who gave his thoughts: “If it is shutting down, I will be very sad. There are many nzbs that I can not find anywhere else, but simplynzbs has them.” 

It’s our guess that SimplyNZBs closed up shop because of some combination of management issues and/or lack of revenue. In other words, rather than any sort of government shutdown, they simply couldn’t compete with other top NZB sites anymore. 

Best SimplyNZBs Alternatives

Fortunately, there are numerous alternatives to choose from, all of which offer superior service at a slightly higher price.

  • NZBGeek – NZBGeek is a reliable pick among newbies and veterans alike, with affordable prices and a huge library of NZBs.
    You can find more details in our full NZBGeek review.
  • DrunkenSlug – Slug only opens registration up a few times per year, but it has a huge index – and even a free membership tier.
    You can find more details in our full DrunkenSlug review.
  • – Su can hold its own with pretty much any indexer out there when it comes to the number and quality of its search results.
    You can find more details in our full review.

If you’d like even more alternatives to choose from, our post on Best NZB Sites can help. 

SimplyNZBs Dead: Wrap-Up

Whether you were a fan, a hater, or had never even used SimplyNZBs, it’s time to say goodbye.

Fortunately, while individual providers or NZB sites might rise and fall, Usenet keeps on chugging along. There are still plenty of great alternatives to choose from, as you can see above. 

August 15, 2022

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