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Hide your IP address and encrypt your torrent traffic with these best uTorrent VPN providers. 

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So, what's the best uTorrent VPN out there today?

Despite some hiccups over the years, µTorrent (uTorrent is easier to type!) remains the most popular Bittorrent client for downloading torrents, offering downloaders a way to grab their favorite files quickly, easily, and without hogging up too much of their computer’s resources.

Of course, the ease of torrenting comes with risks both to your privacy (such as having your torrents monitored) and security (such as malware infected torrents).

These risks exist even if you download and share uncontroversial content like free Linux distros, public domain books or BitTorrent’s own generous free torrent bundles.

Unfortunately, the very nature of uTorrent and torrenting in general makes you quite vulnerable. For that reason, we highly recommend that all uTorrent users always use a high-quality VPN. And that advice applies whether you are seeding or “only” leeching torrents.

Most torrenters already know that a high-quality uTorrent VPN protects your privacy (by hiding your IP address) and security (by encrypting your connection), but let’s examine the 3 top benefits of using a best uTorrent VPN.

Top Tip - Read everything below to get fully informed, but the best uTorrent VPN providers we recommend are super-fast IPVanish, ultra-secure NordVPN and the very affordable Private Internet Access VPN.

Three Reasons to Use the Best uTorrent VPN

Here are three reasons that a VPN is an absolute must-have for any and all uTorrent users.

Privacy Protection (“Anonymous” Torrent Downloading)

Whenever you download a file via uTorrent, you become part of what’s called a torrent “swarm”, which includes all of the users that are leeching or seeding a particular file. This is what makes p2p file-sharing possible in the first place – but it also makes your info and computer very vulnerable.

That’s because each member of the swarm is able to “see”, find and connect with the IP address of every other member in the swarm.

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In uTorrent (and all other torrent apps) Your IP address is easily visible when downloading torrents

Why does this matter? Because your IP address is then associated with what you download, in many cases being added to and stored in various databases around the Internet. And since your IP address is easily connected to your identity through your Internet service provider’s records or in other ways via online “fingerprinting”, everyone from your ISP to snoops to the government are able to go after you for what you do and download online.

This could be as simple as a warning notice in the mail informing you your account has been suspended or terminated or worse.

Fortunately, when you use a VPN, not only is your IP hidden from the prying eyes of others on the internet, there are other benefits, like encrypted data and connections. This is invaluable for protecting you from all the risks whether your ISP, trolls or even hackers.

Bypassing ISP Blocks of Torrents and Other Websites

Because torrents have a bad reputation, torrent sites are often blocked, whether by your ISP the local coffee shop Wi-Fi or the government itself.

This could mean that you’re unable to access the most popular torrent sites, like The Pirate Bay.

Similarly, sometimes torrent trackers themselves are blocked. These are the mostly invisible servies that match up members of a torrent swarm. When they are blocked, you queue a file to download with your torrent client, but it fails to find seeders or peers and never starts downloading.

Bummer! But there is a way to get around this, and that’s through a virtual private network service or “VPN” for short. A good VPN will allow you to access blocked sites, from torrent portals to the best streaming sites to location-restricted content, like Netflix.

A VPN will also help you bypass torrent blocking and let you download as normal with your torrent client.

Because the VPN “hides” your traffic inside an encrypted tunnel of data, your ISP can’t see what’s inside of it and can’t know what you are doing. Your ISP can only see the amount of data but not what kind of data. You may be downloading torrents but for all your ISP knows you may be backing up photos to the cloud.

Avoiding Bandwidth Throttling

Speaking of the amount of data, torrenting can take up a lot of bandwidth. After all, a 780p movie file is around 700MBs while 1080p or HD movie files can be 10GBs or more. Some PC games can be as large as 50GBs. And a long-running TV series can be into the hundreds of Gigabytes.

When you consider how popular torrents are, ISPs are left trying to accommodate massive loads on their servers.

For this reason, many ISPs will throttle your download speeds when downloading in uTorrent, saving them bandwidth while making your downloads much slower in the process. And of course, many ISPs also throttle speeds for other reasons, including daily or monthly usage caps and file size limits or just to manage server loads at peak times. This practice by ISPs is also called traffic shaping.

And who doesn’t hate slow internet speeds!? Fortunately, a good VPN will help you here as well. Since it prevents your ISP from monitoring your traffic, they won’t be tipped off that you’re using Bittorrent and will be much less likely to throttle your uTorrent speeds or impose usage limits.

The result? Faster downloads for you across the board!

Best uTorrent VPN Services

By now, you’re hopefully convinced of the many benefits of using a good uTorrent VPN. But what exactly is a “good” uTorrent VPN? And which virtual private networks work best with uTorrent, in particular?

We’re glad you asked. Here are our picks for the 3 best uTorrent VPNs.

#1) IPVanish VPN

We’ll start with IPVanish VPN. Who doesn’t love fast downloads? We know we do! And IPVanish is one of the fastest uTorrent VPN providers on the market, making them a great choice for uTorrent. They’re proudly P2P friendly as well.

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IPVanish is the fastest among the best uTorrent VPN providers

Of course, speedy downloads don’t mean a thing if you’re not protected when using uTorrent. Fortunately, IPVanish is a heavy-weight in that department too.

IPVanish doesn’t keep any logs, which is a “must” for any VPN to have any chance of being a best uTorrent VPN. 256-bit SSL encryption keeps your data even more secure, while Bitcoin payments put yet another layer between your identity and your uTorrent usage habits.

Some commentators bemoan the fact that IPVanish is located in the US (home of the snoops as well as the brave). But this concern is countered by IPVanish’ strict no logging policicies. IPVanish doesn't care what you download, doesn't want to know and more importantly has no way to find out. That’s what they mean by “zero knowledge”. Their non-logging of activities has been verified in independent tests by no less than ThatOnePrivacyGuy.

One thing we also really like about their service in particular is the ability to have your IP automatically changed at set intervals, making your traffic and true IP even harder to detect.

They provide shared IPs too – and plenty of them, with servers in over 60 countries.

Given all that, we’re happy to recommend IPVanish as the overall best uTorrent VPN available. In fact, they’re one of our favorite VPNs period. Sign up today to take advantage of prices as low as $4.87 per month and their excellent 7-day money-back guarantee.

#2) NordVPN

We also count NordVPN among the most P2P- and uTorrent-friendly VPNs you can find. In fact, they’re one of the few providers that go out of their way to welcome P2P users.

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NordVPN has 1-click uTorent (p2p) VPN protection

And they back those claims up. For starters, they’re based in Panama, which makes them less susceptible to the pushback torrenting we see in the US and some European countries too. NordVPN being located in Panama far from this reach is a huge bonus for uTorrent users.

They also provide a kill switch and DNS leak protection, features which keep your IP hidden at all times. Should the VPN go down for any reason, even a fraction of a second, your kill switch will kick in and cut your connection, ensuring your true IP address is never exposed.

And NordVPN’s 256-bit SSL encryption along with a no-logs policy all keep your torrenting activities secure.

But where NordVPN really stands out are with a couple of pretty unique features that they offer, which includes Double VPN and Onion Router over VPN, both of which allow you to access the internet and uTorrent through multiple layers of protection.

This will slow you down a bit, so it’s your call whether to maximize your download speeds or your privacy – it depends where you live (Saudia Arabia versus Sweden) and what you download (open source Linux distributions versus, um, other stuff).

With prices as low as $2.75 $6.58 per month, NordVPN is affordable too.

Bitcoin payment is available and they have a very generous 30-day money-back guarantee, so you can give them a try risk-free. Sign up today and get protected!

#3) Private Internet Access

If the last two VPN providers are a little too pricey for your budget, don’t worry, because this next choice is one of the most affordable on the market. But you don’t skimp on quality either.

We’re talking about Private Internet Access, of course. This popular and well-respected VPN offers memberships for as low as $2.91/month, and they’re even backed by a full 7-day money-back guarantee.

best-uTorrent-vpn private internet access pia image

PIA VPN doesn't look like much but it is one of the best utorrent VPNs around

But price is far from PIA’s only advantage. Their service includes some key features to keep uTorrent users safe and secure, including a built-in kill switch, which will pause your connection – and you're your uTorrent downloads/uploads - if your VPN cuts out, ensuring that your true IP is always hidden. Tis is a must-have feature especially if you like downloading torrents overnight while you sleep.

There’s also DNS leak protection, which further secures your IP, along with 256-bit SSL encryption on all of your connections. And like any good uTorrent VPN, PIA keeps no logs of your traffic or usage, regardless of what you download. A recent court case tested PIA’s user privacy claims and they passed with flying colors: the snoops were unable to figure out the identity of a PIA customer downloading torrent files.

Private Internet Access also offers more servers than nearly any other VPN, with over 3,560 in 33 countries. Only HideMyAss has more, but they have a history of ratting out customers.

Having access to lots of VPN servers will help you get the best speeds and access the most content. Speaking of content, PIA also provides unlimited bandwidth, whether you use uTorrent for a 1 megabyte or 10 terabytes downloading session.

All of that adds up to one of the best uTorrent VPNs you can find, all for the monthly price of a cup of coffee. And you can even pay with Bitcoin or anonymous gift cards. Sign up today and give Private Internet Access a try!

Access uTorrent Anywhere and Anytime

By now, you know exactly why you need a uTorrent VPN, from keeping your torrenting hidden from your ISP, to overcoming blocks on torrent sites to keeping yourself safe from snoops and trolls.

And because they cost from just a few bucks a month, you’d be CRAZY not to use one.

And we’ve given you three, count ‘em, 3 of the very best uTorrent VPNs to choose from. Whether it’s the insanely affordable Private Internet Access, the super-speedy IPVanish or the scrappy off-the-radar newcomer NordVPN, you can’t go wrong with any of them.

You’ll find the signup and installation process very quick and easy for these VPNs, meaning you’ll be seeding and leeching away before you know it. What are you waiting for? Sign up now and get started!

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Use 1 of these 3 best uTorrent VPN providers to stay safe when downloading torrents

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