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Here's the best VPN to use with utorrent to keep your torrenting safe and IP address hidden.  

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What's the best VPN to use with utorrent? 

Despite some hiccups over the years, utorrent remains the most popular free BitTorrent client for downloading torrents. It's actually called µtorrent (as in microtorrent), but it's much easier to type the first character as 'u'.

utorrent offers downloaders a way to grab their favorite content - whether movies, TV shows, software, xxx or any other files you can think of - quickly, easily, and without hogging up too much of their computer’s resources. Of course, you can also use utorrent to download and share uncontroversial content, like free Linux distributions, public domain books and more.

Be aware that the ease of torrenting comes with risks both to your privacy (such as having your torrents monitored) and security (such as malware infected torrents).

The way utorrent (and torrenting in general) works makes you quite vulnerable. That's why it is an absolute must that you use a high-quality VPN with utorrent. And that advice applies whether you are seeding or “only” leeching torrents.

For the best torrenting experience, use Private Internet Access VPN.  PIA keeps no logs and has a strong track record of protecting the privacy of its torrent users.

What is the Best uTorrent VPN Service?

We’re glad you asked. Our pick for the best utorrent VPN is... 

Private Internet Access

This pick is one of the most affordable VPN services for torrenting on the market. But they don’t skimp on quality.

We’re talking about using Private Internet Access VPN with utorrent, of course. This popular and well-respected VPN offers memberships for as low as $2.19/month, and they’re even backed by a full 30-day money-back guarantee.

But price is far from PIA’s only advantage. Their service includes some key features to keep uTorrent users safe and secure, including a built-in kill switch, which will pause your connection – and your utorrent downloads/uploads – if your VPN cuts out, ensuring that your true IP is always hidden. This is a must-have feature for downloading torrents.

There’s also DNS leak protection, which further secures your IP, along with 256-bit SSL encryption on all of your connections. And like any good utorrent VPN, PIA keeps no logs of your traffic or usage, regardless of what you download. 

Private Internet Access also offers more servers than any other VPN, with over 17,000 servers in 84 countries. 

Having access to lots of VPN servers will help you get the best speeds and access the most content. Speaking of content, PIA also provides unlimited bandwidth, whether you use utorrent for a 1 megabyte or 10 terabytes downloading session.

All of that adds up to the best utorrent VPNs you can find, all for the monthly price of a cup of coffee. And you can even pay with Bitcoin or anonymous gift cards. Sign up today and give Private Internet Access a try!

What About a Free utorrent VPN?

If you're tempted to use a free VPN with utorrent, please don't.

Protecting your privacy while torrenting is too important to leave to any kind of free service, period.

It turns out that plenty of free VPN services log the activities of their users and even share your data! That's a big no-no when torrenting. You do not want your VPN keeping any records of what torrents you are downloading, as these records could come back to bite you. 

  • To see but a small sample of how torrenting logs and records can come back to haunt you, visit I Know What You Download (warning: this page will display torrents downloaded from your IP address) 

Plus, if a VPN is giving away its service, it has no incentive to protect your identity should copyright trolls come knocking. A paid VPN will fight – including in court – to protect your anonymity when torrenting.

A recent case tested Private Internet Access' privacy claims and they passed with flying colors: the snoops were unable to figure out the identity of a Private Internet Access customer downloading torrent files.

Lastly, a free VPN won't have must-have features like kill switches or DNS leak protection that come standard with reliable premium VPN services. And even if a free VPN says it has these features, would you trust them? 

How to Use utorrent Safely with a VPN

If you are new to VPN services or using them sounds intimidating, don't worry. Using a VPN with utorrent is as easy as 1-2-3.

  1. Sign-up for the VPN service. Check out our recommended utorrent VPN services above as you want a reliable, no-logs VPN. 
  2. Install the VPN software. After you've signed up, you will receive an email with the download link as well as your username and password (if you didn't already set these up during the sign-up stage). 
  3. Launch the VPN. Open the VPN app and after you've entered your username and password for the first time, this is as easy as selecting a 'Connect' button. This will normally be all you need to do. However, the VPNs we recommend also let you choose more granular settings, like selecting servers in specific countries or using different connection protocol and levels of encryption, etc., should you wish.

Additional Recommended Settings

Just by using a reliable, trusted VPN service, you'll already be pretty well protected while torrenting with utorrent. 

But by implementing all or some of the additional steps you below, you can further increase your protection and torrenting performance. We present them in order of importance, so you can take as many or as little as you want.

  • Enable your VPN's kill switch. This is usually easy to find in the Settings of your VPN app. If it's not already on by default, simply enable it. 
  • Enable your VPN's leak protection. Just like the kill switch above, you'll see this in your VPN Settings. It might be described as general "Leak protection" or more specifically as "Prevent DNS leaks" and/or "Prevent IPv6 leaks".
  • Choose torrent-friendly VPN servers when connecting the VPN. This is not completely necessary, but why not be as safe as possible and use servers only in countries that are more permissible when it comes to downloading torrents? Read more about Best VPN Servers for Torrenting (Which Country to Choose?) 
  • Apply some tweaks in utorrent too. Only follow these steps if you are comfortable changing utorrent's settings. They are totally optional, but will make for a better torrenting experience with a VPN. Go into utorrent's Options & Preferences and adjust the following:
  • Under BitTorrent, make sure Protocol Encryption is not set to Forced but rather to Enabled and that Allow incoming legacy connections is enabled too (ticked)
  • Still under BitTorrent, make sure Enable bandwidth management uTP is disabled (unticked)
  • Under Bandwidth, below the heading Global Rate Limit Options, make sure both Apply rate limit to transport overhead and Apply rate limit to uTP connection are disabled (unticked)

Best uTorrent VPNs: Conclusion

By now, you know exactly why you need a utorrent VPN, from keeping your torrenting hidden from your ISP, to keeping yourself safe from snoops and trolls.

So the answer to the question, "do I need VPN for utorrent" is a resounding YES.

And because they cost from just a few bucks a month, you’d be CRAZY not to use one.

And we’ve given our pick for the very best utorrent VPN, PIA VPN

You’ll find the signup and installation process very quick and easy, meaning you’ll be seeding and leeching away before you know it. What are you waiting for? Sign up now and get started!

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Use the best utorrent VPN to stay safe when downloading torrents. 

August 30, 2023

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