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DrunkenSlug Open Registration page

Update: DrunkenSlug registration is now closed! We’ll try to update this page the next time they open.

DrunkenSlug is hands down one of the best NZB indexers around. Unfortunately, it’s so popular that sign ups are closed for most of the year.

But it’s your lucky day! DrunkenSlug registration is now open. Just make sure that you hurry if you want to get in before they shut down registration again.

Here’s the link to DrunkenSlug’s registration form.

“What makes DrunkenSlug so good?”

  • Free “Water” tier available, which entitles users to 5 downloads and 50 API hits per day
  • One of best and biggest selections of content when compared to other top NZB sites
  • Movies, TVs, and other video files are often uploaded in the highest available video quality
  • Hottest new releases, as well as an impressive selection of older content
  • Paid membership tiers, “Ale” and “Wine”, are affordable, at just 10€ to 20€ per year
  • Bitcoin and gift card payments are accepted
  • Easy integration with NZB downloads, like SABNzbd, and automation software, like Sonarr or Radarr
  • 99%+ uptime and 1,300+ days retention

It’s no surprise that DrunkenSlug is one of the top recommended indexers here at Cogipas, as well as by the folks over at Reddit’s r/usenet subreddit.

For more info, check out our full DrunkenSlug review.

“Is DrunkenSlug worth it if I already have another NZB site membership?”

As we point out in our article on How Many NZB Indexers You Need, it’s absolutely worth having 2, 3, or even more indexers in your setup, since each one has slightly different content available. For instance, a combination of, say, DrunkenSlug and NZBGeek, is really good.

And as we pointed out, DrunkenSlug does offer a free membership tier, which is pretty rare among top NZB sites. While it doesn’t provide enough downloads to satisfy very heavy users, it makes signing up for DrunkenSlug a no-brainer. Use your free downloads to try it out. Worst case scenario, you don’t like it but can keep it around as a free backup.

DrunkenSlug registration won’t be open long, and it usually takes months before it opens again. So, jump on this opportunity while you can!

April 9, 2022

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