NZBKing Review

If you’re looking for an easy, open, and free way to search for and download NZBs, NZBKing is worth checking out.

But is NZBKing any good? And how does it compare to other NZB sites? Find out in our NZBKing review. 

NZBKing Review: Pricing

Let’s start with one of NZBKing’s biggest benefit, its price.

To be more specific, there is no price, because NZBKing is completely free. That’s $0 per year, and you can search and download as much as you like. 

Though we’re not aware if NZBKing places any limits on NZBs for heavy downloaders, so keep that in mind. 

Do You Need an Account to Download from NZBKing?

In the past, NZBKing had open registration, but it’s no longer necessary to even have an account. We don’t even see a way to log in on their site now, even if you did have an account.

Not only is that convenient, it’s great for privacy, since there’s no account name or download history to link you to. 

NZBKing Review Newsgroups

NZBKing Review: Top Features

NZBKing does have some other benefits. Here’s a look at its most notable features:

  • No account required
  • Search and download for free
  • 4000+ days retention
  • 3500+ newsgroups indexed
  • 200+ million NZBs
  • 60+ petrabytes of data archived
NZBKing Retention

NZBKing Review: Disadvantages

Like most free services, NZBKing isn’t perfect. Here’s a recap of the biggest drawbacks:

  • No Usenet obfuscation, which means you won’t find most new or popular content
  • No API, which makes it difficult to automate your searches and downloads
  • Finding things through search is just generally more difficult than paid indexers

NZBKing Alternatives

If you’re not sure about NZBKing – or you’d just like to see what else is out there – then these are some of the best NZBking alternatives:

  • NZBGeek – NZBGeek is one of the top NZB indexers. It does require a paid membership, but it’s only $1 per month.
    Read our full NZBGeek review for more info.
  • DrunkenSlug – DrunkenSlug only opens registration a few times per year, but it does have a free membership tier if you manage to sign up.
    Read our full DrunkenSlug review for more info.
  • Binsearch – Like NZBKing, Binsearch is free and doesn’t require an account. So, it’s worth using to compare and supplement your search results.
    Read our full Binsearch review for more info.

If you’d like to see even more options, read our post on Best NZB Sites

NZBKing Review Recap: Is NZBKing Good?

Now that you know more about NZBKing, including its price, features, and some alternatives, the question is: is NZBKing worth it?

Well, it is free. So, if money is an issue, it’s a solid choice. That being said, there are premium indexers that cost $1 or less per month, and some top indexers even provide free membership tiers for light downloaders.

And they’ll provide much better results, especially if you’re looking for new or popular media content. Unfortunately, NZBKing’s lack of obfuscation, automation, and a better search engine means it will really hold you back in the modern Usenet world. 

August 15, 2022

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