Offcloud Review

Offcloud Review

Offcloud is one of the more popular cloud downloader services on the web. But the question remains: is it worth using?

Keep reading to find out. In our Offcloud review, we’ll look at what it does well, where it could improve, and even teach you how to use it.

Why Use a Cloud Download Service?

We’ve provided a detailed breakdown of all the advantages of cloud torrent services. But here’s a quick summary:

  • Torrents download faster (better bandwidth, download multiple files at the same time without speed loss, no throttling, etc.)
  • Cloud storage for your files, so you can stream or download them at your convenience
  • Safer than normal torrenting because you never have to use your IP address
  • No torrent client required (and you can access your files from your mobile device, too)
  • Seed torrents without using your own bandwidth (a big plus for users of private torrent trackers)

Offcloud: Advantages



Here are some of the areas that Offcloud shines.

  • Easy to use
  • Fast, attractive and mobile-friendly UI
  • Free plan available
  • Over a dozen servers around the world
  • Ability to choose which server to download through
  • Compatible with Bittorent links and magnets
  • NZB Usenet support
  • Bitcoin payments accepted
  • Browser extensions for Firefox and Chrome

Bittorrent, Usenet and Much More

Offcloud is not just for downloading torrents. You can use Offcloud to “grab” and save online videos from dozens of websites (including premium ones!) and even to download Usenet NZB files.

Supported Sites

Is Offcloud Safe & Private?

Offcloud is based in the Seychelles, which is a plus for privacy, since it’s outside the surveillance of the “Fourteen Eyes”.

However, there are a few safety and security minuses that we need to point out. First of all, unlike many cloud torrent services, Offcloud doesn’t appear to encrypt your traffic when you’re downloading from the site. Although you can download via a proxy for some added security, they don’t scan the files for viruses either.

On top of that, we couldn’t find any information about Offcloud’s logging practices.


Offcloud: Disadvantages

Here are some of our biggest complaints about Offcloud.

  • No money-back guarantee
  • No encryption or virus-protection (as mentioned above)
  • Mediocre torrent download speeds
  • Offcloud claims to provide unlimited storage and downloads, but there does seem to be a cap, based by both online reviews and previous statements by Offcloud

Offcloud Pricing & Deals


At $9.99 per month, Offcloud’s pricing is competitive with other cloud downloading services. But they offer a pretty generous discount for yearly subscriptions, which brings the membership cost down to $5.83 per month. There’s even a Lifetime plan, for $199.99.


Offcloud Free Trial & Discount Coupons

Offcloud does have a free plan, which allows you to fetch 3 links, whether from Bittorrent, streaming, or file hosting sites.

We don’t have any Offcloud coupon or voucher codes to share at the moment. But we’ll keep you updated, so make sure to check back.

Offcloud Alternatives

Not sure about Offcloud? Here are some of the top cloud torrenting alternatives.

  • Makes torrenting safer with encrypted downloads and virus protection, plus a free VPN. You also get 1TB of storage and 25 simultaneous downloads for only €5,75 to €9,99 per month. Read our full review.

  • Bitport Like Premiumize, Bitport is more secure for torrenting than Offcloud, but it’s not quite as versatile. And there’s a free plan, if you want to try it. Read our detailed review of Bitport.

  • Are you a heavy downloader? Then’s huge storage allowance (10TB) and simultaneous download quota (100) might be worth a look. You can get a one-day trial for just .99 cents.

Offcloud Download Tutorials

Not quite sure how to navigate Offcloud? This quick tutorial will get you started. 

1. Find the torrent you want to download. Here’s a handy guide for searching for torrents, if you don’t already know how.

2. For the next step, you have two options:

  • Copy the magnet link. This can usually be accomplished by right-clicking and selecting ‘Copy Link Location’.
  • Download the .torrent file

3. Navigate to the ‘Cloud’ section of the Offcloud dashboard. Here, either:

  • Paste your magnet link into the box, or
  • Use the ‘Upload .torrent/nzb’ button to add your torrent file

4. Wait for the file to download. While you’re waiting, you can add more torrent (or NZB) files for download.


5. When your file is finished downloading, find it in the ‘Cloud’ section and use the arrow on the bottom right to download it. We recommend the ‘Download via proxy’ option for added security.


And there you have it. Once the file is saved to your machine, you can watch or run it – or just save it for later, like the data hoarder you are 😉

Wrap Up

Okay, so let’s cut to the chase: is Offcloud worth using?

If you’re specifically looking for a cloud torrenting service, there may be better options, like Premiumize. However, if you’re just looking for a versatile cloud downloader, it may be worth trying their free plan to see if you like it.

September 9, 2020

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