Torrent Seeders, Leechers, and Peers Explained

Torrent Seeders Leechers and Peers

New to torrenting, eh?  Or maybe you just want to know more about how it works, and what all those terms like “seeders” and “leechers” mean.

Either way, we’ve got you covered. This article will explain what torrenting seeders, leechers, and peers are in clear, easy-to-understand language. 

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What’s a Torrent Seeder?

Anytime you download a torrent, it’s a seeder (or seeders, hopefully) that you’re downloading it from. These are people who already have the file that you want, and they’re sharing it with you so that you can download it.

In fact, all torrents start with the original file uploader seeding the file for someone else, then that person seeding it for someone else, and this network of seeders growing exponentially as more and more people download the file – and then seed it themselves.

On the flip side, if everyone stops seeding, it’s no longer possible to download the file. And that’s why seeding is so important for keeping torrenting alive, boys and girls.

You can learn more about seeding here.

What’s a Torrent Leecher?

On the other side of this transaction is the leecher. They’re the person downloading the file from the seeder.

Of course, the term leecher can also take on a negative connotation when it refers to someone who only “leeches” or downloads content, without ever spending the time or bandwidth to seed the file for others.

What’s a Torrent Peer?

Torrenting is also known as p2p or “peer-to-peer” file sharing. This is because, as we’ve covered above, files are shared from user to user, not via some kind of central database or server. 

But within the context of seeders and leechers, peer has a very specific meaning. It’s someone who’s currently seeding and leeching, uploading and downloading the file at the same time.

Yep, you can start seeding before you’ve finished downloading the file. Most torrent clients are actually set to do so by default. 


So, in summary, a seeder is someone who uploads a file, a leecher is someone who downloads a file, and a peer is someone who does both at the same time. Of course, the best kinds of torrent users fill all three roles, first grabbing the content they want and then seeding it for others.

That being said, we always recommend using a secure VPN when torrenting, whether you’re seeding or just leeching.

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