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EasyNews Review (Best Web-based Usenet Newsgroup Provider?)

EasyNews makes searching and downloading from Usenet newsgroups as easy as using Google. Our EasyNews review explains why it is the best web-based newsgroup server

EasyNews Review image

EasyNews is the best web based Usenet

EasyNews has been around for a long time. In fact, they were originally founded all the way back in 1994. Since then, they’ve built up quite the track record and user base, including their over 1 million subscribers around the world.

But you’re probably wondering… is it any good? Keep reading, and let’s find out!

EasyNews Plans

With three distinct subscription packages to choose from, EasyNews offers something for all kinds of users – and budgets. Here’s a quick rundown of their monthly plans.

  • Classic - $9.98/month – 20GB monthly access, 60 connections, 365 days retention
  • Plus - $14.97/month – 40GB monthly access, 60 connections, 525 days retention
  • Big Gig - $29.94/month – 150GB monthly access, 60 connections, 2674 days retention + EasyNews VPN

You’ll probably notice the awfully big leap both in price and features from the Classic and Plus plans to the Big Gig package.

Free Trial Accounts Available

EasyNews is nice enough to offer a free 14-day trial to new users who want to give their service a spin without committing to anything upfront.

And the trial is available for ALL of their plans, including the premium Big Gig plan, which includes the free VPN service.


EasyNews Review: Where it Stands Out

EasyNews is definitely no slouch. In fact, it offers many impressive features. Here are our favorite things about EasyNews Usenet provider.

Offers Everything You Need

A Usenet provider isn’t the only thing you need to start downloading. You’ll need a newsreader, first of all. And if you’re serious about your privacy – and you should be – you’ll want a VPN too.

The good news is, EasyNews provides all of these things in one place. Its web-based newsreader is free for all of their subscribers. And the Big Gig plan even comes with the EasyNews VPN included in the price (Classic and Plus users can get it too for an extra $2.99/month).

Having all of those things in one place makes EasyNews super convenient both for Usenet noobs and users who simply want to avoid the extra steps of downloading separate software and configuring it.

EasyNews provides everything you need to get downloading right away, and safely too.​

Veteran users may prefer a third-party newsreader app and VPN (we’ll get to that in a minute), but EasyNews’ bundled offerings are good.

EasyNews is User-Friendly

Does EasyNews live up to the ‘easy’ in their name? You better believe it! One of the things we love the most about EasyNews is how user-friendly and intuitive their service is.

Whether you’re new to Usenet or a veteran user, you’ll find it easy to navigate newsgroups, search for files, download, and everything else. With EasyNews’ web-based newsreader, you’ll feel like you’re using Google or any other search engine.

Considering how complicated Usenet can be, that level of user-friendliness is quite an accomplishment.

And speaking of downloads, EasyNews offers something it calls “Pre-Assembled Multi-Part Binaries” which makes downloading simpler than ever. When a file is split into multiple parts, EasyNews will put them together for you automatically using their Easy Assembler, saving you a little hassle in the process.


No Better Newsgroup Provider for those New to Usenet

Some people find Usenet intimidating, especially beginners. There is new terminology, concepts and apps to learn about.

However, EasyNews makes using Usenet as easy as using Google. Just search, preview and then download or watch. EasyNews makes finding images, videos and audio files as easy as 1, 2, 3.

To see just how easy it is, watch the 2 ½-minute video below or check out their Sample Search (select screenshot to enlarge).

EasyNews search demo

EasyNews newsgroup search couldn't be easier (select to enlarge)

EasyNews Review Video

No Fussing with Split File Parts

A common complaint of Usenet newcomers is that larger files (for example, long videos) are "split" into many parts and need to be assembled. While this isn't a big deal and is not that hard to do, some people just don't want to be bothered.

EasyNews offers something it calls "Pre-Assembled Multi-Part Binaries". This means that when you download a file that is split into 2 or more parts EasyNews automatically assembles all the bits and pieces for you. EasyNews calls this feature Easy Assembler.

There's nothing you need to do or worry about, and no special app is needed. Simply search, find what you want, select save, and that's it.

Tons of Connections

When you’re choosing a Usenet plan, the number of connections should be a major consideration. And this is an area where EasyNews really outdoes their competitors.

All of their plans – from the $9.98 Classic plan to the $29.94 Big Gig plan – come with a whopping 60 connections.

To put that in perspective, most Usenet providers don’t even offer than many connections with their most expensive plans. And 60 connections at $9.98? Forget about it! No other top-tier provider on the market can match that.

Rollover and Loyalty Data

EasyNews handles their data in a fairly unique way, particularly when it comes to two specific features.

The first is “Rollover Gigs”, which work a bit like your cellphone plan. In short, if you don’t use your entire data allotment for the month, you don’t lose it. Instead, it carries over to the next month… and the next month and the next month, until you either use it or hit the rollover cap (which is 500GB, 1000GB, or 3750GB, depending on your plan).

The other feature worth mentioning is their “Loyalty Gigs” program. It entitles users to extra gigs of data per month, based on the plan they have and the number of years they’ve been subscribing to EasyNews. Meaning the longer you stay a member, the more data you’ll get each month -- while the price you pay stays the same.

Classic users get 1GB per month for each year they’ve been a subscriber, Plus users get 2GBs, and Big Gig subscribers get an impressive 12GBs.

Strong Commitment to Privacy

At, we’re pretty serious about privacy and anonymity online. In fact, we wrote a couple popular books on the subject.

Fortunately, EasyNews doesn’t disappoint in that area. For starters, they offer 256-bit SSL encryption, which will keep your data secure. And they don’t keep download logs, which is another must-have feature for privacy buffs.


EasyNews Review: Where it Could Improve

Alright, so we talked about the good. Now it’s time for the not-so-good. Here are the areas we think EasyNews could stand to improve.

Less Data with its Web-based Usenet vs NNTP

As we mentioned above, EasyNews provides users with a free web-based newsreader. But there’s a catch.

If you use a third-party newsreader app and skip EasyNews’ web-based Usenet for more classical NNTP access, you actually get TWICE as much data. Meaning Big Gig users, for instance, get 150GBs of data if they use EasyNews’ web app – but 300GBs if they use a separate newsreader app.

But that isn’t a glitch of discrepancy – EasyNews is upfront about the data “discount”. We’re guessing it’s because it costs them less money and time on maintenance, especially considering the web and third-party apps access different servers.

While this isn’t necessarily a bad thing, it is a counterpoint to the “EasyNews has everything you need” argument we made above. Technically, they do – but you’re actually better off going for a third-party app if the amount of data matters to you more than ease of use.

EasyNews VPN is Only OK

That brings us to our next point, which is the EasyNews VPN that’s included with the Big Gig plan and offered for $2.99/month with Classic and Plus plans.

In short, it’s not the best VPN around. Sure, it gets the job done, but it still leaves a lot to be desired compared to better VPN services, like Private Internet Access which at $3.08 costs about the same.

It’s Not the Cheapest Usenet Provider

Even starting at $9.98, EasyNews definitely isn’t the cheapest Usenet provider on the market, let alone for its Big Gig plan at $29.94.

In the end, we think it’s worth the price they’re charging, especially with the other bonuses it offers like Loyalty/Rollover Gigs and its tons of connections.

But if you’re on a budget, you may need to opt for one of their cheaper plans – or even look elsewhere for other cheaper Usenet providers.

Based in the US

Usenet providers are subject to the laws of the country where they’re based. And in EasyNews’ case, that’s the US.

What does that mean for you? Unfortunately, files occasionally get taken down due to pesky DMCA requests. This isn’t the biggest problem, particularly for people who only download, but it can be a pain if it happens to files you’re looking for.

No Bitcoin Payments

This will only deter the most serious of privacy conscious consumers who are all about anonymous payments, since it removes one of the few remaining ways to trace your identity.

EasyNews does allow mail-in payments in the form of money order or cashier’s checks, which is a solid option. But it’s not quite as convenient as Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies.

Unfortunately, EasyNews doesn’t accept Bitcoin – yet. Here’s hoping they add it in the future. Then again, there are only a handful of Usenet providers that accept Bitcoin.

EasyNews Review: Final Thoughts

Okay, okay, so we know we just threw a lot at you. But don’t worry, because we’re going to boil it all down to one simple question and answer: is EasyNews worth it?

From our time with the provider, we can say that it definitely is. In short, EasyNews is user-friendly and reliable, while offering tons of connections, good privacy, and solid first-party software. That’s more than enough to justify the price, in our opinion.

In fact, there are few Usenet providers that we like as much as EasyNews. Give it a try today!




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