NZBPlanet Usenet Indexer Review 2024

When researching Usenet indexers, you’re bound to come across NZBPlanet. Here’s our take on them. 

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Check out our full NZBplanet review. 

NZBPlanet is one of the most popular NZB indexers around, so you’ll see it recommended quite a bit. 

But is it simply coasting on its reputation, or does it really deserve a spot among the best indexers? Keep reading to find out.

NZBPlanet Review: Pricing

While NZBPlanet’s free plan is invite only, VIP memberships are quite affordable, and they even offer lifetime memberships.

NZBplanet pricing  screenshot
  • VIP Tier – 8€ per year – 5000 API hits and Unlimited downloads
  • Platinum Tier – 15€ per year – 20000 API hits and Unlimited downloads
  • Love Us Long Time (Lifetime) Tier – 40€ for life – 20000 API hits and Unlimited downloads

The VIP membership is a tremendous value – and will provide more than enough API hits and downloads for the average Usenet user. However, the standout tier is the Lifetime, or LULT as NZBPlanet calls it, since not every indexer provides one.

Unfortunately, while NZBPlanet does have a free plan, it’s only available via invite.

Payments can be made by either credit card or Bitcoin.

Looking for the best Usenet provider to use with NZBPlanet? 

NZBPlanet works best with Newshosting »

How to Register at NZBPlanet

As we alluded to above, you do need an invite from a current NZBPlanet member to take advantage of their free plan.

NZBplanet Login screenshot

Only a chosen few get to enter.


Registering a free account is by invitation-only. Keeping an eye on r/usenet is your best bet. 

However, registration is effectively open if you’re willing to pay for a membership, even if it’s just the VIP tier. A valid email address is required for your NZBPlanet login, but there’s no verification, as far as we saw.


NZBPlanet Review: Top Features


What does NZBPlanet do well? Here’s a quick rundown.

  • NZB Request System
    Can’t find that specific file you’re looking for? No worries. Just give the team a heads up via the NZB request system, and they’ll see if they can track it down for you. Keep in mind that they don’t actually upload the file, they’ll just locate a previously existing NZB.
  • 99.9%+ Uptime
    If you ever find yourself asking: “Is NZBPlanet down?”, the answer is probably no, since the site boasts almost perfect uptime.
  • Reddit Favorite
    You may have heard about NZBPlanet on Reddit, because it’s a fan favorite among the community over at r/usenet.
  • Watchlist, Bookmarks, and Saved Searches
  • 2500+ Days Binary Retention
  • No Ads
  • HTTPS Encryption
  • One of the Cheapest Indexers
  • Bitcoin and Credit Card Payments Accepted
  • Active Forum
  • Easy to Use with Automation Software, Like Radarr and Couchpotato
  • Partially Private Membership

There’s a reason NZBPlanet is one of the most popular indexers on the web.

Features List

All this is and more.

What Kind of Content is NZBPlanet Best For?

Screenshot NZBPlanet main menu screenshot

(Select to zoom)

One of the main reasons to choose one indexer over another is the amount and type of content that they index. So, as part of our review, we did a comparison between NZBPlanet and other top indexers, like NZBGeek and DrunkenSlug.

And Planet did a good job of holding its own, which makes it one of the better indexers around, in terms of content. However, it does seem to lag behind when it comes to foreign content, whether we were looking for specific releases or just browsing the latest content to be added.

Of course, this is where their NZB request feature mentioned above helps out.


NZBplanet's Movies and TV Watch List features are pretty awesome. 


As you'd expect, NZBplanet supports all the add-ons you could ever want. 


NZBPlanet Review Wrap-Up: Is NZBPlanet Worth It?


All of that’s good and well, but the question still remains: is NZBPlanet worth it?

We’d say it definitely is. You really can’t go wrong with such a large library at such a low price. Oh, and you get unlimited NZB downloads too.

In short, there’s a reason NZBPlanet is one of the most popular indexers on the web. It’s earned it.

December 23, 2023

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