Looking for Sites Like ‘You Have Downloaded'? 

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There are some alternatives out there. 

The site gave everyone quite a scare when it first went live many years ago. Today, it now lies dormant and if you visit the site you'll something like the screenshot above.

When it was up and running, you could search a database to see if your IP address was recorded as downloading torrents.

Top Tip – If you want to prevent your IP address from being monitored by snoops and showing up in these kinds of databases, you'll need to mask your true IP address and encrypt your Internet connection using a reliable VPN such as ExpressVPN.

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Best YouHaveDownloaded Alternatives

Other websites have tried to copy the controversy created by, but many of them also came and went. However, the following 2 sites are still up and running.

I Know What You Download

The best alternative to the former ‘You Have Downloaded' site at the moment is the similarly named I Know What You Download at

It actively monitors more than 500,000 torrents and collects the IP addresses of torrent downloaders by parsing torrent sites and listening to the DHT network. Yikes!

Figure: IKnowWhatYuDownload is collecting IP addresses of torrent downloaders (select to enlarge)

In some ways, is even more worrying than Although it monitors torrent downloads in much the same way – including hundreds of thousands of torrents and tens of millions of IPs –it makes the results even more public.

Not only can you see what’s been downloaded by your own IP address, you can do a search for any IP address you want to snoop on (or even search ‘similar IPs’), whether it’s the IP of your other PC, your buddy, or a complete stranger.

But Even didn't Have a Torrent Spying Feature!

And it gets worse. IKnowWhatYouDownload also has a ‘Track Downloads’ tool, which allows you to input any URL you’d like, whether it’s a news article, Facebook page, or just a funny cat meme. When you send the link to a friend (or foe) and they click on it, grabs their IP address and shows you the torrent downloads associated with that IP address.

And if you’re on the receiving end of this spying, there’s no way to even know about it. Unless you’re protected, there’s very little stopping interested parties from seeing everything you’ve downloaded, whether it’s LINUX distros, gigabytes of music, or those, ahem, erotic videos you “accidentally” downloaded.


ScanEye's Global BitTorrent Monitor (fair use)

Figure: ScanEye is watching torrent file-sharers

The second best alternative to is the ScanEye Global BitTorrent Monitor. Check to see if your IP address appears in the ScanEye database.

Even if ScanEye hasn't recorded your IP address downloading torrents, it could just be a matter of time. That's why you need to protect your IP address from detection and learn how to share and download torrents anonymously using something called a VPN. Alternatives Wrap-up

The best protection from sites like ‘You Have Downloaded', ‘I Know What You Download' and ‘ScanEye' is to use a trusted and reliable VPN.

A VPN is a small app you can install on your computers, tablets and smartphones. A VPN does 2 very important things to protect your torrent-related activities from being monitored and tracked:

  1. it masks your true IP address
  2. encrypts your Internet connection

A VPN isn't free, but their modest cost is well worth the peace of mind they give you. If you want to more about avoiding torrent snoops, please read How to Download Torrents Anonymously.







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February 11, 2022

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