Giganews Review (2019 Update)

Just how good (or not) a Usenet provider is Giganews?  We dig deep into what Giganews has to offer. 

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Our Giganews review examines its claims of being the world's best Usenet provider. 

Our Giganews review examines whether Giganews lives up to its hype? And more importantly, whether it is worth its perceived hefty price tag? 

Giganews has been and remains one of the most respected providers on the Usenet scene. Giganews officially opened its news servers to the world in the summer of 1998, which makes this year it’s 20th anniversary. That makes Giganews older than online giants such as Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and even Google. Their service has spread around the world, serving millions of users in nearly a dozen languages.

But is it "the best"? Let's find out.


Giganews Review

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Overall Rating (5 of 5 stars)

Giganews Plans

Giganews offers not 1, not 3, but 5 different plans to choose from, ranging from $5 to $30 per month. Let’s take a look at what you can expect.

Pearl – $4.99/month – 5GB monthly access, 20 connections, 30 days retention

Bronze – $9.99/month – 10GB monthly access, 20 connections, 1100+ days retention

Silver – $14.99/month – 50GB monthly access, 20 connections, 1100+ days retention

Platinum – $19.99/month – unlimited monthly access, 20 connections, 1100+ days retention + free no-log VyprVPN Basic

Diamond – $21.99/month – unlimited monthly access, 50 connections, 1100+ days retention + free no-log VyprVNP Premium (now for $10.99 for the first month)

As you can see, Giganews has an option for every type of budget and downloader, whether it’s the maxed-out Diamond plan data hoarder or the beginner user who will get by just fine with the Pearl plan.

giganews free trial image

Giganews offers a free trial on all of its Usenet accounts. 

Free Trial Accounts Available

“Try it before you buy it” is always a good idea, especially when at no cost. And Giganews makes that easy with their 14-day free trial offer on all accounts.

You won’t be getting the full Diamond plan experience (including VyprVPN - a no-log VPN service) during the trial period, but it’s still a great way for savvy shoppers to give the service a spin for shelling out their hard earned cash.

Giganews Review: Where it Shines

Giganews does plenty of things right, from their download speeds to their customer service. We’re going to highlight some of our favorites here.

Giganews is a Complete Package

All Giganews’ plans feature fast download speeds thanks to optimized servers around the world as well as full 256-bit SSL encryption, which keeps your downloads private.

Giganews’ famous 24/7 customer support will help you with any snags you might encounter, whether during initial setup or usage.

But Giganews doesn’t just provide Usenet. Their Platinum and Diamond packages also come with the zero-logging VyprVPN included in the price.

When it’s all said and done, Giganews offers the most complete package you’ll find from a Usenet service. It gives you everything you need to find and download the files you want, all while maintaining your privacy in the process.

If you’re the kind of person who places a premium on simplicity, that can be a huge bonus.

Giganews has Fast Downloads with Plenty of Connections

Giganews’ plans offer 20 simultaneous connection, which is very solid. That puts them right on par with most of the other Usenet providers on the market.

But their Diamond package is where they really separate themselves from the pack, with a whopping 50 connections. That’s more than you can get almost anywhere else.

The best part is, those connections are fast. Giganews can handle pretty much anything you and your Internet connection throw at it, with their unlimited speeds. And with four servers spread across both Europe and North America, your data won’t have to travel halfway across the world just to get to you.

You’ll be able to fully take advantage of their 110,000+ newsgroups. See for yourself what they carry by searching or browsing Giganews' full newsgroup listing

giganews newsgroups search image

You can search Giganews 110,000 newsgroups.

Giganews Keeps Your Privacy Protected

One of the biggest advantages Usenet has over torrents and data lockers is the increased privacy that Usenet provides. The very nature of downloading from Usenet newsgroups means your IP and identity are more protected.

SSL connections for Usenet are the bare minimum privacy feature you need, which of course Giganews provides with all its packages.

To be completely safe and truly lock down your identity, there are a few extra precautions you’ll want to take.

For one, a VPN is a no-brainer for any internet activity, let alone downloading. Fortunately, Giganews also makes that easy and has got you covered with their VyprVPN package. Giganews includes its zero-logging VyprVPN service for free with its more premium Usenet packages (Platinum and Diamond) or you can sign up for it separately.

Consistent Track Record and Reliability

As we mentioned before, Giganews was founded more than 20 years ago and has been a Usenet newsgroup provider ever since. They’ve been around longer than many of the biggest names in Usenet, meaning they’ve got serious staying power.

Giganews’ 1,100+ days (3+ years) of binary retention and 15+ years of text retention is a testament to that. Giganews retention rates used to be much higher - just under 9 year's worth of Usenet binaries and 18 ½ years of text posts - but, unfortunately, were reduced recently. 

And Giganews also boast great stability on a day-to-day basis, promising 100% uptime and completions. Giganews is able to promise more than most Usenet providers because they own their own servers (rather than lease them) and wrote their own news server software.

giganews deal image

Grab the Giganews deal today.

VyprVPN is Good & 100% No-Logs

If you don’t already have a VPN account and Usenet provider, the combination of Giganews and VyprVPN is a great one at a good price.

But when it comes to VPNs in general, VyprVPN is one of the stand-out VPN services.

VyprVPN is completely non-logging (which was backed up by an independent audit), fast, torrent-friendly and based in privacy-friendly Switzerland outside the USA  & EU. 

giganews review free vpn image

Top-Notch Customer Service

Giganews goes above and beyond when it comes to customer service, offering 24/7, round-the-clock support. If you run into a problem, just hop over to their live chat system and give ‘em a shout. They boast the ability to answer most queries in 10 minutes.

And since their brand serves 180 different countries, they even offer customer service in 10 different languages, including English, Spanish and even Chinese.

giganews review best customer service image

Where Giganews Comes Up Short

While we have plenty of good things to say about Giganews, no Usenet newsgroup provider is perfect – and Giganews is no exception. Here’s what we don’t like so much. 

Fairly Expensive

Though you can get some good deals on their Diamond plan, it’s base price of $22 per month is more expensive than the majority of Usenet providers on the market.

Keep in mind that you are getting a good VPN along with it, which helps offset some of the sticker shock. But if you’re on a strict budget or don’t do a ton of downloading, Giganews’ most expensive plans may be a little rich for your blood.

Of course, they do offer several more affordable options, starting with the Pearl plan at just $4.99/month. But your access and connections will be limited, and you won’t be getting the VPN.

In the end, we think Giganews is definitely worth it. In fact, the price tag is one of the only negative things we can say about it. But we understand that cost can be a sticking point for many users, so it’s definitely something to keep in mind. One of their 5 packages will surely fit your budget.

Top Tip – Though well worth the price, if Giganews’ Diamond package is outside your budget, opt for their less expensive but still solid plans or check out a different, more competitively priced all-rounder Usenet provider like Newshosting for $7.50/month.

No Anonymous Way to Pay

While most people probably won’t consider this a “must-have”, it’s definitely a nice feature for the privacy conscious consumer, especially avid downloaders of new releases.

There are only a handful of Usenet providers that have stepped up to offer Bitcoin or other forms of anonymous payment processing. Unfortunately, Giganews is not one of them.

Giganews Review 2019 Wrap-Up

As you can tell by now, Giganews excels in a lot of areas, from download speeds to customer service to stability. It’s definitely earned its stellar reputation.

It’s truly a full service Usenet provider that does everything you need it to do – and does it well. It’s a great option for new Usenet users, especially if you value convenience and simplicity, and for veteran downloaders who don’t mind paying for a premium service.

At Cogipas, our favorite thing about Giganews is probably their great download speeds and completion rates, which help files finish in a flash.

Though, like we said, it’s not the most budget friendly option around. But is it worth it? This Giganews review shows that if definitely is if you can afford it.

In fact, there are few Usenet providers that can compare to the quality and convenience of Giganews. Give it a try absolutely free for 14 days and see if you agree with our Giganews review.

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